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Free Webinar: Power proposal tips from a six-figure Upworker (Danny Margulies)

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Kishor P Member Since: Jun 14, 2016
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@Nikita S wrote:


First of all thanks Danny for the great tips!
Is there any way to get higher payemnt from non Asian clients as I think that most of the clients think we're (especially Indians) are not fit for the job.

How much fair is this?

 I had same feeling. I have seen many many clients' profile. They pay 20, 30 or even 40 an hour for non-indian freelancers. and same client has 'job in progress' with indian freelancer (with TR badge) at $4.

However, that is wrong. It is all about how you pitch your client. Its all about how many 'similar jobs' you have under your belt.

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Mary Janet M Member Since: May 10, 2016
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Thanks for an excellent webinar. 


I find that sometimes clients post that they are looking for "entry level" and they have a history of paying low rates.  Yet they specify skills that are definitely not "entry level" - ie pivot tables, macros, advanced SalesForce reporting, 

What should the strategy be for these clients?  Or are they worth it?  I only apply for jobs with clients who have a track record and a verified method of payment. 

The other question I have has to do with invites.  Once I apply for a position, sometimes a client will respond asking me to send my gmail for an interview.  I am very cautious about this, but recognize that sometimes they are just trying to get it set up with a google calendar.  Still, how can I continue to be cautious about giving any information prematurely without alienating a real client? 

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Dave G Member Since: Jul 29, 2016
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Hi Lena

PLEASE can you get your communication in order.
I have recieved an email from you stating the webinar was recorded and is now available. I have click the link and it appears no recorded webinar was uploaded. You also advise to issue feedback via a email address "" maybe a good idea to use an email address that in english terms is relevant e.g or make the communication a bit more personal and use your own email address. I registered for the webinar and could not gain access as reported by other people ...and it also stated that should i have an issue with gaining access..... to email "" ..not exactly professional in my view ..thanks for wasting some of my time . Dave
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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi Dave,


The webinar was recorded and the link was added to the original post of this thread. I am also including it for you here. Unfortunately the webinar has a capacity on attendees, as a result not everyone who registered was able to join. We also posted a notice about the capacity on this thread. 


If you have any questions or comments, continue to post them here.



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Nikita S Member Since: Jul 14, 2016
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Hello Danny,

Thanks for sharing such great tips! 

I have a question..


It's hard for people like us (especially Indians) to get higher payemnts as clients think we're not good enough to match the skills required by them. Even if we deliver better work, we're seen with the same way.. How much fair is this? 

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Danny M Member Since: May 14, 2015
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I cannot speak for all clients but I can speak for myself as a client who has spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring freelancers here on Upwork: I personally don't take into account where a freelancer lives when deciding whether or not to hire them and how much to pay them.



So either I am the only Upwork client (out of 4-million) who thinks this way, or there are others. My guess is that there are others -- many, many others. But as I said I can only speak for myself.


I do realize there is some advantage to being a US based freelancer. But I also encourage you to focus on things you can control. If you make a great connection with a client and impress them with your work then there's a chance for great things to happen. 

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Vasilii P Member Since: Jul 29, 2016
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Thank you Danny! I got a lot of necessary and qualitative information! It's a super high experience!

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Miroslav D Member Since: Sep 22, 2015
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Thank you guys for the useful advice. I will definitely change the way of writing proposal

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Tomica K Member Since: Jul 28, 2016
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This webinar was by far the worst experience I have had in my overall freelancing career. It was a brilliant pinnacle of amateurism which was helpful solely as an opposite example of how a contractor should behave.


1. The connection was terrible. It kept breaking, and after it would break, I couldn't re-connect for 10-15 minutes. This resulted in me skipping over 80% of the webinar. Thankfully it was later uploaded as a video, but it was nevertheless an unpleasant experience.


2. Danny was not actually interested in doing what he was supposed to. His so-called tips were nothing but a bunch of vague generic statements which he compiled and paraphrased from Upwork's FAQs, and as such would hardly be of any value to any single freelancer who has spent more than 20 minutes browsing the already available Upwork docs. In an attepmt to make us better freelancers, at one point Danny actually tried to make an analogy between freelancing and a skinny guy beating a World record in eating hot dogs! And I'm not even making this stuff up! He actually spent time telling us how freelancers should learn from a skinny guy eating hot dogs! In short, a pathetic and humiliating speech of a fraud.


3. The actual goal of this imposter became obvious quickly enough, when he went on to utilize his 5 minutes of fame to promote his own spam-like newsletter service, which is in no way related to Upwork. In other words, this guy's intention was NOT to provide any useful information, but rather lure as many of the inexperienced attendees as possible to his little wannabe business. Sinking this low was not only indignifying towards trusting Upwork's contractors, but will certainly make a significant negative impact to Upwork's reputation.


4. As the highlight came my direct correspondence with Danny Margulies after this webinar, in which he demonstrated an immensely rude and unprovoked arrogance. Attempting to obviously cover up his ignorance and/or misconduct, Danny refused to answer one single question I had for him, and bypassing my politeness he strait up proved himself as an ill-mannered and irresponsible jerk.


My question was simple: Are you sure that the advices you provide do not go against Upwork's Terms of Service (which forbid freelancers to provide in their proposals any way for the clients to contact them directly, outside of Upwork). Instead of an answer, I got from him an accusation that I am "making big assumptions". After politely repeating my question several times, and getting the same lame reply, to my shock Danny replied that he has removed me from his newsletter.


I am providing a link to the above mentioned thread, because I would appreciate if Upwork moderators would look into it:


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


To conclude, I strongly discourage any and all of my fellow honest freelancers to follow what Danny Margulies asks you to. He has shown with his own example that not only is he incompetent of maintaining a professional rapport, but is actively cheating you for his own interests.

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Diane W Member Since: Jul 29, 2016
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Wow Topics, you must have been on a different webinar than I was. My connection was excellent and i learned a lot. At no time did he tell us to violate the upwork terms of service. I'm glad I was able to attend. If you are serious about winning bids, you should definitely watch the recording.