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Free Webinar: Power proposal tips from a six-figure Upworker (Danny Margulies)

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Emory M Member Since: Aug 6, 2016
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Hello Danny:


I appreciate all of your input for us freelancers - especially for beginners like myself.


Please let me know how to develop an attitude and technique of 'going out to get business'; just a thought I have.


What I mean is, how can we put our profiles / portfolios out there to attract business, and find business / work for us? How can we best position out portfolios with keywords, both strategically and tactically to actively find business for us by somehow more actively 'advertizing' our talents?


Basically, I am asking, how can we best create a profile that attracts business according to our terms?


Best Regards,


Emory B. Miles

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Eric S Member Since: Sep 12, 2016
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Thanks for your tips, Danny

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Jason K Member Since: Jul 28, 2016
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How many hours per week were you billing when you reached $100+ / hour (consistantly) (eg 20, 30, 40 hour/week)? thanks!

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Danny M Member Since: May 14, 2015
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I shot for about 20 billable hours per week. 

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Jake R Member Since: Jul 28, 2016
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Hey Danny. You are so helpful. Thanks so much for your wealth of knowledge. I was on the webinar in the beginning but I had to leave about 20 mins in. I am looking forward to finishing. It looks so helpful, so I am eager to see the replay and hopefully ask you a few questions afterwards
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Amy S Member Since: Feb 8, 2014
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The recorded version link isn't working, please fix it.


Thank you,


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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Danny, the webinar was excellent  Learned a lot though I've been around a few years.


Question:  If you have a high JSS and are top rated, do you mention that in the proposal?  I know it's available to the client but I usually mention it.  Am I wasting time?

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Hi Amy,


Sorry about that, I updated the link and posting it here for you.



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Jake R Member Since: Jul 28, 2016
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Hey Lena, I am not able to see the link. Is it in this thread?
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Faheem K Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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clicking the recorded version is taking me to Registration page ? Do I have register to view the recording ? 

Tnx, Faheem