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Live Webinar: Building Your Portfolio

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Vasilii P Member Since: Jul 29, 2016
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Hello, Danny! Thank you for the awesome webinar! You are cool, as always! Thanks again

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Joy M Member Since: Oct 28, 2015
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Inquiry on the subject of contact info in portfolio.  For example, for those who have architectural drawings in their portfolio, most drawings come with a title block and in pdf format. The title block most likely will contain the contact info of the architect, engineer or technician who undertook the work - who in this case, is the freelancer.  


Is this acceptable, or does the freelancer have to edit the pdf hide my his/address, email, etc, because usually, the title block usually shows who did the work.  Thanks.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Joy,


You can edit or blur the contact information in the title block before you add it to your portfolio.

~ Valeria