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Meet our Community Featured Contributor Lisa J.

Community Manager

Meet our Community Featured Contributor Lisa J.



  • What job category do you work in?

  • When did you begin using Upwork?

  • Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started Freelancing, or running your business online?
    I initially started on oDesk as a Social Media Specialist as a side job. I became serious about freelancing in 2016, when I realized that it could be a FT gig! I have 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and worked for different companies before switching to being a FT freelancer.

  • What do you enjoy the most/least about working online, Lisa?
    I absolutely love being able to meet with people from all over the world and especially business owners just like me! I always tell everyone that my best clients have been on Upwork. Being a FT freelancer also allows me to bring my kids to school every morning and even have lunch with them. Something I couldn't do at my FT job! There is nothing I don't like about being a freelancer, it's something that really suits me!

  • What was your most successful project/contract?
    Probably a client that I worked with for 2 years on Upwork. They hired me to help them launch their new product back in 2018 and I successfully launched ads on both Google and Facebook Ads for the next 2 years. It was a very successful project.


  • Do you have any advice for other users on Upwork?
    It can be hard to find the right clients at first but don't give up! So many great clients out there that are willing to also hire new freelancers!

  • Anything else you want to add? You can also share some fun interesting things about you Smiley Happy.
    This is somethig I have actually shared with Hayden Brown on Twitter not too long ago: Upwork helped me get through my pospartum depression back in 2016. It was tough going from being fully employed to being a FT mom and thanks to Upwork, I was able to continue working and balance my mom's role and my freelancer role. That's also how and why I decided to become a FT freelancer 2 years later 🙂