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Share Your Interviewing Tips

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Interviewing on Upwork can be intimidating, especially for freelancers who are new to Upwork, or new to freelancing in general. In most cases, freelancer interviews are similar or less formal than those in the brick and mortar world. However, a major difference is freelancer interviews do not take place in person, face-to-face. Interviews on Upwork could be conducted through Upwork Messages in chat or using the call/video function. Clarify with the client beforehand, how they would like to interview.


Here are some pointers and resources to help you succeed with your next interview on Upwork.


When interviewing, be professional in your appearance and confident in what you’re saying.

Before the interview:

  • Review the job post, find out what the client want’s- do they mention any challenges or concerns? Is there a specific need or qualification they reference? If so, address these in your interview.
  • Prepare responses to common questions ahead of time and rehearse them. (examples here). This may be helpful for users interviewing in a second language.
  • Check for technical issues, make sure your speakers, headset, camera, etc are working correctly.
  • Check your camera presence (if applicable). Make sure your background isn’t cluttered. You are dressed professionally and face/hair groomed.


During the interview:

  • Listen and engage. Usually, a client will ask you questions about your experience and give you more details about the job. Use your prepared notes to help you stay focused.
  • Ask questions and provide feedback about the job.
  • Finally in closing, let the client know you’re interested. Express your enthusiasm and desire to work on their contract.


For more detailed information on interviewing check out the resources below.

Webinar Recording- Acing the Interview

Hiring Headquarters article- Interview questions to find the perfect freelancer

Help Article on the process of how to interview and negotiate with client

Freelancers who already have experience interviewing on Upwork, share your insight and feedback. How do you prepare for an interview? Do you have any tips or best practices?

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Nikolaos B Member Since: Feb 9, 2017
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When interviewing on Upwork it is important to always keep in mind that you are interviewing the client too. So although you should of course read and understand project’s specifications, listen to your prospect’s needs-thoughts and ask questions that will help him/her understand what is best for him/her, you should always keep in mind that you are going to dedicate time to his/her project if you agree to go on together.
So keep special attention to facts like these:

1.Does he have a good review rate?
2.What is his/her hire %


Low rate does not actually mean that he is not a good client or that project is not a good one. Sometimes a project might not go well and low rate feedback from a freelancer might not reflect the whole truth about the client. Of course if you see many low rates you should be careful.


Low hire rate means that this client is posting jobs and then 'forgets' to assign them to any freelance. So just keep this in mind and save your time for clients that actually hire someone (even if it not you) when they post a job.

Also don’t think that a low budget project means an easy project. In fact many times a low budget project requires a lot of work.
There are times that a client will give you some work without sending an offer. If it is a project that really interests you I would say to go on and start working on it but as soon as client sees some progress and likes it check what he decides to do. Will he continue with the interview phase keep asking for more? or send you an offer (and even better set a milestone for the job done)? . If he just keeps asking for more  just say thank you and don’t bother. If you think that the job done is time lost, well not exactly. You can use it for demo to other projects or apply the work done on a new project.

Remote work is fascinating, it is an addiction. So especially for the newer to freelancing you should always remember to keep your enthusiasm on the side when on an interview. I don’t mean to not go for the job and close it but, always keep your eyes open for warning signs. Check your client’s behavior. Especially for the low budget jobs this is very important.  Is he/she polite, are the deadlines ‘normal’ or for work that needs a few days to be completed client wants it in a few hours?

There are so many jobs posted in Upwork hourly, that you should not be afraid to say no if you feel you should.