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Group Guide Spotlight: Md Raju Ahammed


As a Professional Administrative Support Assistant, my goal is to work with flexibility where I can be able to explore a variety of jobs that would improve my skills. “I'm a fast learner and I have keen eye for details and ability to solve problems immediately and making sure everything is accurate”- this is the most ethical thing in competitive Admin support sector and Only this reason my repeat hire rate is over 40% and I never feel I don’t have any work since started a remote job through Upwork.

I have been working as a freelancer since 2016 when I was a BSc Engineering student. Starting journey was not easy due to belong a middle class family. One of my elder brother supported me to buy a laptop and then I have created my profile and got my first job in 2nd days after profile live. I knew about Upwork a few years back when it was Odesk and I studied a lot about this marketplace in a local cyber cafe. This is exactly why my initial journey in Upwork was not so hard. I have started from the Translation sector in my first journey but after 3-4 months, the job winning percentage was getting too low day by day. That's why I chose the Admin sector to grow my career. The sector is always competitive but if you can provide quality service to your clients this should be the best sector to change your freelancing career because most of the budget friendly projects are repetitive here.

Since 2018, I have been working with a Rockwall, Texas (USA) based parts company (Partswarehouse) and still working with them full time basis as an Assistant Data manager. I believe in commitment, sincerity, reliability & long-term relationship with an ambition to deliver best service at reasonable cost and also I'm committed to timeline, quality and client satisfaction
until they’re not happy with my perfection of work. I have worked with some other dept. With the company and they’re always happy with the service that I provide. I believe the job will be lasting lifetime and I don’t have any plans to change the company - though during this year I have got a bunch of big size offers but always rejected those. But I always try to do tiny tiny projects to increase my productivity when I make myself available.

I have worked for some of the largest fortune companies during my freelancing career like, Bloomberg, Compuvision, PTW International UK Ltd, Duolingo etc. and helping Bloomberg Energy team twice in a year to research EV charger data projects.

It was my dream to establish myself as a professional freelancer and I think I already got my golden ticket. Upwork helped me a lot to grow myself and it was an amazing platform to turn your lifestyle next level. And also you can work from anywhere in the world if you love to travel like me. Last Year I bought my own land and my house is under construction now. My every
single dream will be true one day inshallah!!! Keep your prayers for me guys!!!

My future plan for the next 5 years is to grow a large agency through Upwork and I’m already working on it.

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Hi, I used to be Top Rated with 100% job success but now my job history has gone too low. I have not be hired for some month now due to my job success low. It keeps on going down and and down every day. They clients that recommends me still up to 92% but my job success has gone to zone point. Please are they trying to push away from working in this platform?