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what is the best way to make a customer support voice sample

Can someone please tell me the best way to make a voice sample  for an applacation on a customer support job?

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Hey Bobbi, 

Whenever I try to record myself singing (don't ask), I use a free recording software for download on iOS. The file saves as .wav, but there are several other free softwares available that you can download and use to record yourself. You can save it as .wav or .mp3 and upload it to your proposal. 


Hope this helps!

~ Avery

Search on YouTube.
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What kind of things should you say in a sample, I wonder?
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If you are asking where can you record a voice sample to send to a customer support application, I've found that vocaroo.com is pretty easy to use and send.

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Make sure use softskills in your voice sample

mohit kumar
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Your softskills and abilibity to server the customer should be reflected from your voice. You will deal with n number of customers so make sure you have that patience while you`re on a call if you really want to survive in this customer support industry.


Adrian Gates

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Well, there are various free recording software that can be easily available on the internet.

Annapurna | **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Over the past few years, I’ve worked with dozens of our new clients at FCR to help them design a quality process for the customer service team that drives the sort of customer experience they want to deliver. Of the many different topics we discuss in those conversations, one of my favorites is asking them to talk about the voice and style we should use when communicating with their customers.

Most clients respond with a handful of words and phrases to summarize this voice and style. They typically say some combination of the following:

  • We’re upbeat and friendly.
  • We apologize profusely when things don’t go right or we don’t apologize at all unless it was absolutely our fault.
  • We talk to customers like they’re a friend of a friend. It’s familiar but still professional.
  • If a customer has a problem, we go above and beyond to make it right.
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My husband and friends all claim that I speak to clients in a babyish tone. When I answer the phone, I seem sweet and have a tiny American accent (I'm from Australia). Customers, on the other hand, devour it! They believe I'm incredibly friendly and effervescent, and that I must enjoy working since I'm "so glad to be there." I suppose what works is what works. When I switch back to my usual voice, which is considerably deeper and slower with no accent, it completely destroys the ambiance.

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You can use naturalreader apps or Software.

This is awesome Apps for voice sample. You can try this.

Thank you | Rasikul

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Another software you might use is Vocaroo.

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This assumes a desktop setup, use Audacity Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.....  It's both heavy enough to do pro work, and light enough for people who aren't pros.  If you do karioke via consols, Remember the "Band Hero" games?  They have a surprisingly decent microphone.  Or use a Logitec setup, Walmart has them.  They are surprisingly good.

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Try cocaroo it is userfriendly