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1 active candidacy but unresponsive

Greetings supporters!


I have finally achieved my first job happily, I have tried my best over the upwork job proposals. I received email about a started conversation with the client regarding the project and I was happy that the client considered me for his project. There is a picture in attachments that he is unresponsive from a long time.

He questioned me to do him a sample, when I finished his sample I added to the attachment pictures right away to complete the project as soon as possible, yet I am still waiting for clients response but he is unresponsive.



P.S. There was an error highlighting the attachment.

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Every Client in Upwork is very Busy person managing their business. Don't worry i think he will reply eventually. 😄

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Hi Muhammad,


Please, make sure you have an active contract under My Jobs tab before you start working on an assignment. That way you can get paid for your work.

~ Valeria
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An active candidacy does not mean you were hired, it just means the "client" initiated a conversation with you. When you're hired, the job will show up under "my jobs".


In the future do not do any free work - if they want to see what you can do, send a link to your portfolio or tell them you'll be happy to do a sample as long as they pay you for it.


In this way, you will not get scammed again.

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So sad if what you mean "work sample" is actually what the client need and you gave it to him for free.
I have same problem like you, i was a candidate and client started talking about my rate, we re-negotiate my rate and waiting for two days without any answer, When i checked the original job post, the clients has hired someone, so i choose to withdraw my proposal and pick "Unresponsive Client" as a reason.
On the next day, client messaged me, he said that he almost want to hire me but i already withdrawn my proposal. Seriously? Even if i was hired by him, it will be so hard to work with unresponsive client.