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3D Printing is this the future of design and 3D modeling?

Recently in our hiring hub an article was posted on 3D printing. The article lists the benefits of these printers and how it can help with building 3D models and replications for design. 

" Doctors are able to create prosthetic limbs, and surgeons recently implanted a 3D-printed spine in a boy. Human organs are close to becoming a reality. It’s now possible to print food, including cookies, pizza, and ravioli. 

As 3D printers become more advanced and more affordable, they’re having an incredible impact on medicine, product design, manufacturing, and other industries. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing technology."

Link: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/design/3d-printing/


have any of you worked with a 3D printer? 





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I have heard that Upwork is testing 3d printing as a way to produce better customer support workers, but I can not confirm whether or not that is true.
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Hi there. I'm working with 3D printer and i think i'm doin it well.. It helps me in the scaled models detail making and sometimes when a plastic part of something is missing its not a problem to produce it this way - just model it and push it via 3D printer.. Yesterday we made the lost battery cap of my friend daughter's game 🙂