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Adding Audio/Demo File Option on Profile

I am a Voice Talent/Artist on Upwork and not sure if I'm posting this in the right area (apologize in advance)...here is a suggestion/request for our profile pages.


Currently we have an option to upload a video in our bio but not an option to upload an audio file.   While I am currently using the video option here is the issue/s I have found with it:


-  While the quality of your audio might be great on your system (which is critical if you are doing audio work) it's get degraded once it is uploaded to YouTube. 

-  Instead of loading an audio file straight to the site you have to record a video (maybe of thumbnail), add audio, upload to YouTube (or other video site)...time consuming.   


If possible would be great to have the following:


-  On bio section an option to select either video file or audio file...don't restrict to videos. 

-  You could limit the audio to 90 seconds or less? 


It is very common on other sites where freelancers who do audio work to have the ability to provide a link or/and upload a demo audio file of their work.   While we can do this below through client samples and portfolio I think having this option in the BIO SECTION would be great.


Thank you in advance for considering my suggestion.


Best Regards,


Bobby Baker 


Can't you use your Portfolio?

You can but as you see I have a lot of client examples and I am assuming they are first seeing your bio first...maybe not? I am assuming that if they first scan your bio they would immediately have the option to listen to your audio file/demo...as I see this from the freelancer perspective not sure how much weight the bio section carries with clients?


Did you ever figure out how to upload/post an audio file onto your portfolio?  


At this point I just have videos with audio on my profile...I don't think there is an option to upload just an audio file.  

can i just upload my audio demos in the video section?? i do not have video work that i have done as i am just an audio voice talent....


Most clients who are searching for a freelancer know they can scroll down to the portfolio section and listen to your demo/samples. 


But if you're bidding on jobs, I find it's usually best practice to just go ahead and include a demo as an attachment with your bid. 


I know this was raised a while ago but I was jut trying to add a specialized profile and couln't add an audio file. Not all audio projects have a video component. 


Hi Bobby,


A profile gets strong when we add a video demo to our gigs. In the present case, you have uploaded your audio content, you should add a little effort to your audio demo and convert it to be video. It will have a good effect on your gig and profile and bring you credit.

Be ever ready to present your best services at this platform and it will help you grow more and more.




+1 this would really be great for those of us who work with audio. I get that a workaround exists but it would be great if we could use the project portfolio as intended since it is a nice feature.