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An idea to wireframes



I have an idea for a desktop/mobile app but it is the usual story of although I can make it work as I'm a developer, I'm no good at creating a good UI or UX.


I would like to hire someone to wireframe the apps but I would just like some ideas on the best way of getting the idea to the freelancer I would choose. Do people tend to go for discussing via Skype, writing the idea down such as in the form of a requirements document or any other methods?



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Hello Stuart


It is always better to prepare a detailed document like FRS (functional requirement specification) so that you idea is put across in a clear way. For preparing that, what you can do is prepare a brief document of your idea and discuss further via Skype with the Freelancer. Even after that if it isn't clear, you can go for wireframe preparation using tools like Axure (www.axure.com).


I hope this helps.