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Anyone knows AutoCAD?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone of you knows AutoCAD and I still wanted to ask further questions about it since I learned only the Basics (2D, 3D and floor plan drafting). Many thanks and hoping all the best!

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Hello Resurrecion F,

                                I know a bit about Autocad. What question you want to aks?


Hi there. I have installed AutoCAD 2010 to my HP laptop, and I have never thought that the application given to me was jus a trial version, so after a month that it expired, I uninstalled it then try to re-install but error was showing which said that it has unfinished installation, so I'm wondering if I have not properly uninstalled it? or does the application has left extension files into my laptop? 


Thanks for your help in advance.

Better try with another version, that one already know your trial period has expired.. I'm not sure if it is a server connection recognises your ip or something else..

OKay Many thanks Dimitar!

By the way, what version will you recommend the best and easier to install?

Always prefer the even versions instead of odd, but what exact version you will like i don't know.. I prefer older versions and it depends of your computer too. I like to use Autocad 2008.

I have used the 2010 version and I prefer to use that continuosly, if only I have an installer that has no trial period

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Hello. I'm working with Autocad since 2004 and i think i know it pretty well. How can i help?




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I am working with Auto CAD since 2006 ... What is your Q?

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The possible reason for this is the main server of Autodesk Get your IP. Now, we have 2 possible solutions for this. First one, simply install a new window and again install Autodesk AutoCad. Another way is go to Google and find a regestry cleaner for Autodesk Software run it and after cleanining you can install a New Software #

Thanks for that Dharamvir. I'll try to find the lasy one you have mentioned.

Write me on skype **edited for Community Guidelines** and i'll explain how to install it in details.. I'm rarely here to discuss..

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hi,,i am shuvo..i know auto cad 2d/3d design..what are you want to do about it??


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Yes,i do a lot of engneering drafting and detailing