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Brand identity pack



A quick question - I launched a new company and I realized that I need to get the brand idenity pack. Although I've seen quite a few of them back in my corporate days (marketting people were showeling them up our throats) I wonder what reasistically should the pack indclude? I am in consulting, and frankly I do not see what I need other than logo, business card and PPT template. Maybe also Excel color schema. 

Another question is how should I evaluate the proposals - I am at a bit of a loss on that.


Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Ivan, 


Congratulations on your company launch!


As far as packs are concerned, that's very subjective to the designer. I haven't seen a bundle offered that includes Excel/PPT options - that would probably be an add on. 


The best branding packs include an identity guide of some kind, outlining color scheme, elements, typography, and mood board so that your brand stays consistent and reflects the image you're aiming to portray. You don't want a sleek modern logo stamped on a vintage background. There's a lot of thought and energy put into this process...unless you just want something abstract, generic, and cheap, haha.


If you're planning to promote yourself through social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, ect. - you'll also need help with banners, avatars, and any photos of you out there doing consultation work.


As far as evaluating proposals, I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions: 

"Knowing this represents my professional identity, how much is it worth to me?"

"Every time someone sees my card - what do I want them to think/feel?"


Branding/identity is so important to your success, it's you're figurative "Business Suit" so you definitely want to invest in it wisely. 


I hope that helps! I also hope some other designers chime in, too!




Hi Ivan S,


There are 3 pillars of every good visual identity.

1 - logo

2 - typeface

3 - colors

If these 3 are not well done, making whole list down will be uselles.

After good thinking and definig these 3 basics, you can optionaly add in your package one product by one.


- bussines card

- envelope and letter

- invoice

- ppt presentation

- office signage

- inside signage

- car graphics

- office supplies

- promotional products

- poster / flyer

- news ad

- magazine ad

- megaboard

- city light

- banner

- clothing

- exibition show equipment specs.


There is no need to include products that your clients dont need, so when Visual Identity Package is made for Caffe Bar it wil not include envelope and letter design, but sure will menu, poster, flyer. Every profession have its own special products that are unique in every case of designing visual identity.

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Hi Ivan


More important than a brand identity pack is the creation of a brand identity that articulates as well as elevates the value proposition of your business


You might also describe this as the brand experience of your business, which goes well beyond the items usually listed in a brand identity pack. You might also describe this as a 'vision simulation' for your business. A brand identity solution process is normally a demonstration of three distinct strategic routes


In my view, you should be buying, first and foremost, a brand identity solution. Everything then follows naturally from a chosen solution and the costs beyond this process should be nominal


A brand identity solution developed by a professional brand identity creative will demonstrate a brand experience across the entire business, which should include key items that aren't normally demonstrated in exhaustive detail or featuring final content


Because brand identity solutions are primarily concerned with what the brand stands for – from a strategic business perspective – the featured items are usually notional and sometimes require further development as individual items. Final artwork is usually quoted separately or as a package of specified items...