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Can anyone identify the vector pack used to make this logo?

A freelancer created this for me. I paid him. I later found nearly identical logos online being sold as stock images. 


Was able to identify the font and it is one that is ok for use in a commercial logo. 

I want to make sure that the vector pack my freelancer used is not going to give me legal trouble. 



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If it is made of vector packs that your freelancer has rights to use then you are trouble free BUT:

You as a client deserve a unique and custom (not customized) logo.   Professional designer never relies on generic solution and hodge podge the logos out of vector packs.

There are sites that sell generic logos for 5$ (horror - if you ask me) and your designer could easly bought one there and pocket the rest. I mean, we need more info, but you can always show where you found that so I could tell you what is really going on.

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Can you share a link to the nearly identical images you found as stock? There's not really that much variety when it comes to hockey logos, so it's bound to looks similar to a lot of other ones. If there are exact same design elements though, that's a different matter. But two hockey sticks, one either side, a player and a puck in the middle, looking like some kind of badge/crest... it's not like he was going to reinvent the wheel.  

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I have seen an almost identical hockeystick and baseball logo on shutterstock (perhaps your freelancer bought it), but it is copyrighted and there is a link to the artist - so I suppose you could contact him and ask.

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Have you asked the freelancer if they created it from scratch? That's where I would start.


Artists on stock sites that do clip art like this don't usually allow vector images to be used for logos, or if they do, it means purchasing a different license.


ETA: Did you receive the original vector art file?

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Most stock images and vector packs are not licenced for use in logos. Read the EULA. 

But if designer is using stock images and vector packs to create a logo is not really a designer. You could come up with the logo, but is it memorable or durable?

The problem is with vectorpacks that they could look similar to other logo done by using the same vector pack. SO I guess who protect his logo first gets the worm.