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Can someone tell me about their experience with the Design and Skill Creative certification test?

I received a long-awaited invitation to apply for the Design and Creative skills certification🥰🥰🥰🥰, i'm really ecstatic, I have seen many videos, read many articles here, I understand that you have to polish the portfolio and show the 4 most outstanding works and detail as much as possible that you did in each one of the works, but I have some doubts:


-I have to eliminate the rest of the works and leave only those in my portfolio ?

-As the panel evaluates them, the 4 examples are sent by another way (like Monday.com- because I don´t use it)

-The panel says what needs to be corrected?

-Outside the portfolio, ...is there any other test instance? I have seen in some old YouTube videos that there are some tests (Upwork Readiness Test style) where you will be asked some questions about Illustrator and Photoshop, and I handle them perfectly but the questions that I see seemed absurd to me, like: How can you change the number of sides while dragging with the Polygon tool?😳 , because I don't think about shortcuts when I work, I do it intuitively, (if you move me from the keyboard I don't even remember how to do the "@" 🤣) and that doesn't mean that I don't know how to do it... that's why I wanted to know if this was true or false, I have been using the programs for 20 years and that does not define my ability...


Thanks in advance for sharing your experience! 😃


Hi! There is no ability test. They just look at your portfolio and your profile in general and decide to give it. Don't be stressed :sun_with_face: