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Cheap top quality

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Federico D Member Since: Sep 21, 2015
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I often see job postings like this:

Provider sought: Entry Level (low hourly rates)

Then in the description of the job they say: I need a top professional who will deliver top quality work.

That sounds to me like: "I want a top of the range BMW for £3000.00"

I would like to see these clients say that to a salesman in a BMW showroom. That would be fun.

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João P Member Since: May 23, 2017
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Hi Federico,

I come across lots of job posts exactly like that. I also the reversed, clients looking for Expert (high-rates) but only want to pay for entry-level rates.

I also think clients often are not aware of the meaning of these classes and the differences in services and rates: you will get a distinct perfomance from a BMW than a modest car. I also found that talking to clients is a far more effective way to get a compromise and guarantee the best possible outcome for the project.

So, I mostly apply to jobs that I find interesting or that I know that I can make a change and truly help.