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Client funds milestone, works with me for a few days, then drops off?

I'm a logo designer. I was working with my most recent client for a few days, then after I posted the latest revision & options palette he went off the grid. What's strange is he seems very professional, has a novel business idea, and provided documentation that backed up his need for a specific kind of logo. He also funded 50% of the project right off the bat. 


I'm confused, did I get scammed somehow? It seems like he would wait till I was done to steal my work at a discount. Should I just wait a few more days to see if he comes back online? Help!

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Hello Aaron,


You should give them the benefit of the doubt.  A few days could be anything.  A few weeks might be a problem.  


I would send them a weekly notice just to keep in contact with them.


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How many options did you give the customer?  They may be suffering from decision anxiety.


If you give a customer too many options, then they have a difficult time deciding.  Then when they do make a decision, they will worry if they made the wrong decision.  Too many options is paralyzing.


It's best to give two options, or use some other decision strategy if you give them three or more options.  For example, you can give them two good options, and one really bad one just to give them contrast.  Giving them a poor choice also has the added effect of reducing buyer’s remorse.  Essentially, they feel a lot better about their decision instead of dwelling on the choice that they made.


As an expert, you should guide the client towards an option.  They want the confidence that they are choosing the best option.  They may not know much about color theory, so they defer to the expert to help them decide.


I hope this helps!


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"For example, you can give them two good options, and one really bad one just to give them contrast. "


And 7 times out of 10, the client will pick the "really bad one".  So, be prepared. Don't submit anything to a client you wouldn't put into your porfolio (if you can avoid it).

Seems I jumped the gun. Less than an hour after posting the client contacted me. They have been in constant contact since. 


It's still good to get advice on this though because I foresee this possibly happening in the future.


Thanks for the thoughtful responses!