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Client mixing up media formats

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Sebastian Z Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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Hello there everyone,

I ran into a rather comical yet odd stuation a couple days ago. And I thought about asking if anyone has dealt with similar circumstances. As well as asking for your opinion on how deal with such matters.

The story goes as follows: I accepted a job (For which I had received an invitation.) involving the production of text based cover images. Which I thought would be fun.

Before agreeing to an interview, I checked on the client's history. It had several 3 star ratings that did not contain any written feedback. So I guessed it might just have been people not liking the client very much.

The interview went well, nothing really out of the ordinary (except for the feeling that I got a job offer out of it rather suddenly).

Fast forward to me finishing the first request and sending it, I mentioned that it was late and about time for me to finish the day at the local timezone. With that I left all the finished work attached. Packaged up in a compressed file, as I acustom to do for all clients for their convenience.

After that, a week goes by and I decided I should message the client. Since I found it strange that they wouldn't reply, more so since it was implied that there was more work waiting in line. After asking if everything was in order and if they needed any more work done, I got the funny message.


They asked me if I could send the files "via mp3 or wav".


Following that, I politely asked them to clarify. But they only mentioned that I send a compressed file. To which I replied explaining that is how I package assets for clients. But that I could send the individual files (which I attached to that message). As well as explaining that .mp3 and .wav are audio file formats. Which don't really have anything to do with graphic work.

And for the time being, I've gotten no further response.


Say. Thoughts? Opinions? What would you do in this situation?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Do you have a microphone on your computer?


Record yourself describing the graphic file. Then send the file via mp3 or wav.


Problem solved.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I'm kidding, of course.


It IS a funny story. But I hope you realize you made a tactical error by contacting the client.


After you submitted the files, you should have simply waited.


Wait. The client does nothing. You get paid automatically.


From your story: "After that, a week goes by and I decided I should message the client."


Not me. I NEVER contact a client after I click the Submit button. Of course I reply if they message me.

But I'm patient. I am happy to DO NOTHING and get money.


Of course, most clients will review a submission and release money fairly promptly. But if they don't... it is better to bide your time until the money gets released automatically to you than draw attention to yourself and get asked to do revisions or otherwise spend more time on the project.


AFTER the money is in my bank account, then I am likely to contact the client and ask if there is anything else or (if not), ask that they close the contract.