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Client wants refund after work is done correctly

So frustrated. I format ebooks. I have this client who was late getting her isbn. I have been working for weeks on her book. Right when it looks like just one more small change, then it all breaks loose.


I make the change....she doesn't see the change. I make it again....she sends me a long list of changes. And it goes in a circle.  I have highlighted each change as I made them in her revision document. When that didn't work, I also included screenshots in her document. After I sent the screenshots, now she is saying the bullet points are different.


I've told her over and over again, in epub and mobi the book can look different depending on the software or hardware you view it on. She said she understood that. But she's whining about bullet points, and it is clearly the different apps---but she just keeps whining about bullet points like she didn't understand a thing I said.


I actully sent a PDF of the document and the bullet points are all the same. Now that she can see it for herself in black and white....she wants a refund. What does she want me to do ? Go work at Amazon and program their tablets to suit her ? 


I have been doing books for years, and the only problem I have every had is clients like these--this is the second. It seems free is their price.


What should I do now ???????

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well, some clients are jerks and they (usually after they see that they are going to spent way more money than planned) they start to make freelancers work difficult: not the task execution, but the communications and usually they state that you did wrong or bad.

The issue is: you are going to drop this client and that is a positive thing. next, if you are afraid of JSS drop you are probably going to refund that money or you are going to file a dispute.

If you have solid case here and can prove your work done - go ahead and file a dispute. my issue is that the mediator is probably force the client to pay you something, but you will be paid waaay less. 

For example, the CS guy or lady will say to you something like; Client offered to pay you "1/3 of the agreed sum/work done" and our advice is to take that or take to arbitration (which is expensive). ofcourse Upwork is going to take its cut from it. it would be great if they charge the cut separately from client than as he is the one that didn't want this cut to happen at all.

It is going to be bittersweet victory with burnt aftertaste and if you are good - you will bounce back anyway. 

I had horrendus clients like you have here and used to refund their money fearing bad feedback, but now I won't let them get away for free. I advice you to hunt that money down. you deserve it.

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Only positive response with clients message every time...