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Cost of 3d animation work

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Adrienne K Member Since: Jan 8, 2018
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Hi All, 

I posted a job to have 4 3d snapchat lens filters designed and created, but I was turned down by all those I sent the job to. We had a short deadline and it was over the holidays, but I suspect that it was due to the fixed price. We've never contracted someone for 3d work before, and since 3d filters for the public for snapchat are new I can't find a precedent for the work. How much would you estimate the job to cost? Either total or hours x hourly pay, I know price varies greatly by country. We've posted a new job for just one filter, so an estimate on what that job should cost would also be very helpful. 




Original job post 


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Prashant P Member Since: Sep 29, 2015
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@Adrienne:  3D Animation is hot field.  One of my nephews works in that field and they charge lot of money.  It is not just the human time.  They have sunk lots of money buying stuff that they have to recover.


If inerested send me a PM and I will give you his contact information.

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Gerald S Member Since: Apr 1, 2018
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Having worked in both the motion graphics and movie industry creating both 2d/3d works I have to say, if you offered a job to freelancers and they declined; you might have offered too low of compensation for the project. I generally charge $225 an hour to create motion graphics for companies with my private firm and I get jobs. Remember, like any business or freelancer, we have paid our dues, bought expensive equipment and programs. 3D takes time and time is money.