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Dedicated Thread: Upwork profile reviews and tips on getting hired

Welcome to the Designers & Creatives Upwork group!

As a new member, requesting tips on finding work or requesting a profile review is a good start, but as the group has grown rapidly (which is great news) these topics might get lost in the feed of similar topics by members. To ensure you get noticed or find the right advice without having to start a new topic, please use this dedicated topic thread to request an Upwork profile review or advice on getting hired. Group members are encouraged to offer advice or review profiles in this thread and do the same in return for other members.




  • External links are not allowed (for eg. personal websites, Behance, Dribbble…)
  • Linking to your Upwork profile is allowed
  • Please adhere to the Community Group Guidelines

Also, be sure to take advantage of existing resources



I trust that you’ll find this group welcoming and this thread helpful!

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Thanks Robin for taking the time to set this up and monitor it!

 If anyone have problem with hiring some experts must visit my reviews and Projects catalogue.

thank you 

Please can I get a profile review?

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Please I want to request for a review on my profile.

thank you 

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Hi Vera K,

Sure. I’ve reviewed your upwork profile, I can offer some tips…


Overall it’s a good start, some things to consider:

  • Create a shorter title or have “experienc.” be the full word
  • Your overview and bio might need some better formatting and grammar improvements. (You could use a typing assistant tool like Grammarly to help with this)
  • You’ve listed translating and typing work under graphic design, maybe create a different profile for translation work
  • More portfolio samples would also help

Hey Robin! Nice to meet you on upwork community, can you just visit my projects and lot of reviews, why i can't find better clients?

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Hi Robin I am new here and I would apperiaciete if you can kindly review my profile

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Please I want to request for a review on my profile.

thank you alot

Your profile is set to private please check

I noticed that your profile picture is of a black woman. I'm about to be brutally honest. We live in a black and white world. Platforms like this make discrimination easy because we have to upload a photo to be considered. I'm black I've been on here a couple months and I haven't received anything myself. I'm just saying it's definitely part of the problem. I'm considering changing my picture to a white woman.

You're very right, l'm facing the same situation.
I think, must of the people here are racists, it's very sad.🤦🏽‍:male_sign:

Lawrence, Aristide and others,


Thank you for sharing your feedback about the requirement for accurate profile picture. Without a profile photo that meets our guidelines, a person will not be able to use Upwork as we need to know they are who they say they are. Plus, clients tell us a profile photo is critical to trusting that a freelancer is running a professional freelance business.

That said, Upwork does not, and we do not permit users of our platform to unlawfully discriminate against or harass any member of our community, based on nationality, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status, or other similarly protected characteristics. If you'd like to see any inappropriate content or activity on the platform, please use the flag options available throughout the site.

~ Valeria

Hey Can you must visit my profile and suggest me some better ways to get clients?

Good day every one, am here for more help from you guys, please you can go through My profile and give me review, my sample work is available here. Thanks.

I tried to look at your profile but says it's private. This might limit the number of people who can see your profile. I'm logged in as an Upwork user.


okey thankyou for your concern .

Can you help me review my account and suggest way i can make my profile attractive

Your profile is on private @vera k

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Hi Robin L,

thank you very much 

i will make corrections right away.



Please can i an I get advice on getting hired too 

I’ve been applying for jobs but not a single hire yet 

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Getting hired (or if you’re new, landing your first client) can be tough.


Here are a few general tips for designers:

  • Tailor your proposal to match the client’s needs
  • Have a good portfolio
  • Ensure your rate is not too high or too low

And lastly, good luck!

Also, if you’re new to Upwork, have a look at the resources offered in the Upwork Academy.

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Thanks for this 

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I want to request a review of my profile and tips for landing my first contract.

Hi Osama,


I see that you're an accountant. Unfortunately, this group (and thread) is dedicated to designers and creatives.


However, do have a look through the Upwork Academy for tips. A link is included in the original post.


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I want to request a review of my profile and tips for get contract.

Hi! Some of your English grammar was not sounding natural. Here is an idea of what to change your profile text to. it is only an idea. Hope this helps:

Greetings! My name is Chimene, and I am known for my swift turnaround times and unwavering availability. With seven years of experience in video editing, I excel in utilizing programs such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, VideoMaker, Final Cut Pro X, and various others.

As a skilled video editor, I have been involved in an array of projects, encompassing social media content for platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, as well as promotional videos for websites, products, and services.

Drawing from my diverse and extensive experience, both independently and within a team, I am dedicated to fully immersing myself in the projects I handle. My guiding principle is to offer my creativity and video editing expertise to your organization, thereby facilitating the accomplishment of its objectives.

Please take the time to explore my "Portfolio" section and don't hesitate to reach out to me. Let's discuss how I can boost revenue for you and your business. According to Clifton Strengths Gallup, my top five confirmed strengths are:

✔ Adaptability ✔ Relationship-building ✔ Responsibility ✔ Coordination ✔ Strategic thinking



okay, that's why no one messaged me on Upwork, I've been waiting for a few days

Mae L wrote:
okay, that's why no one messaged me on Upwork, I've been waiting for a few days

Your profile right now is a little more than nothing.
You have 3 profiles and in all three there are basically the same, little and about you.
The profile has to be focused on the client, on what you can do for them and not so much on yourself.

On the other hand, your portfolio. You only have one item and, I'm sorry, it looks like a personal photo with some decoration for any social network. It doesn't look like a professional job.
If you don't have portfolio pieces, create them specifically for it. How is a client going to know if you're really a graphic designer or video editor if they can't see your work?

I advise you to look (just look, don't copy) profiles of other freelancers who are selling the same thing as you to see how they do it.


And if you are new here, I advise you to start with Academia, right here in the header, and read this post to know what and how to do it well and correctly here:

The TOS and the thread about scams are very important.

Thanks a lot for such a cordial advice!
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Thanks Zoltan for the support!
That's a really nice example of an overview.

I will be brutally honest this site allows for employers to discriminate. Your name will keep you from getting hired.... your pic will keep you from getting hired. Im black my picture I know is part of the problem unfortunately but this is the world we live in. If you are Muslim I did see a ad that was only hiring Muslims... for illustration.Good luck brotha. 

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Hi Robin L,

It's pleasure to meet you, I would like to request you review my profile and tips for landing a long-term contract. Thank you.

Hi Shanzida,


Sure, I've had a look at your profile and it looks pretty good! 

You could review your hourly rate. To do so, you can make use of the rate calculator.


Regarding long term contracts. This depends, as the client might have specific requirements that you need to meet. For example… preferred time zone, hourly rate, quality of deliverables (if given a test).


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Would anyone else like to review Shanzida’s profile or offer tips?

Lots of thanks,😍 Robin.

Hey Robin, please add a sentence or two description for each of the Jobs.

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Hello, I'm happy to talk to you. I wanted you to check my profile. Thank you.

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Hi Aimad,


Likewise. I’ve reviewed your upwork profile…


A few tips:

- Your title suggests multiple talents. Consider creating separate profiles

- Your bio is maybe too short and refers to an agency or company instead of yourself as a freelancer

- You’ll need to upload portfolio samples (if you have a portfolio )


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Okye thank you vire match for this help