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Design Lingo: Design Terms Decoded for Non-Designers

There is an informative article that was posted in the hiring hub recently which listed design terms for non-designers. The list was pretty comprehensive with terms such as:


  • Adaptive design
  •  Responsive web design 
  • Aspect ratio
  • Baseline alignment 
  • Below the fold
  • Typeface
  • Typography
  • Vector graphic
  • Wireframe:

Are there any other terms that you would add to this list? As designers, when working with clients or non-designers on your team do you find that you have to over explain things a lot? Almost as if you're speaking another language.

Follow this link to check out the article Design Terms for Non-Designers

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User Interface, User Experience (ui/ux), dpi, retina display, adaptive vs responsive,  printscreen,   ( some people make photos of their screen print it and scan it insteand 🙂 ),  font vs typeface,  banding,  golden ratio,  patterns, negative space ... to name just a few. :))