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Examples of work in proposals. PDF or JPG files?

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Vadim S Member Since: Jul 24, 2017
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My specialisation is 3d rendering and I always attach examples of my work in proposals.

I`m interested how would be better to reperesend my portfolio to client? As one PDF file or 5-10 separate JPG files? I never used upwork from client side, so I`m interested which way is more suitable for client. May be upwork adminitrators have any statistic.



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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Maybe Upwork administrators have any statistic."


No, they do not have any information they can provide about that. No statistics.


There is quite a bit of flexibility in what you can provide.


Posting here in the Forum and seeing if you receive any tips is a good idea.


Personally, as a client who has hired dozens of artists on Upwork, I do not look at attached files I receive when applicants apply to my jobs. So it doesn't matter what format the files are in or what they send.


I just look at artists' portfolios on their Upwork profile page.


But that is just me. I don't doubt that there are clients whose hiring practices differ from my own.