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Finding my first project would be great



I am new here. 

I aman artist, designer and creative service provider. I am trying to earn my connects and find my new project. 

Check my basic profile out  🙂

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Hello and welcome!

It's fantastic to have you join us. As an artist, designer, and creative service provider, your talents are sure to shine here. I'd be happy to check out your basic profile. Please provide the link or any relevant information, and I'll gladly take a look. Let's get you connected with some exciting projects! 😊

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I'm new here as well, I'm having a bit of a hard time finding a new project myself. I'm excited for all that Upwork can provide and would love to be an active member and earner!
It be a pleasure to check out your profile and connect when you get the chance, it would be great to check mine out as well (Still a work in progress, just a heads up haha) but if anyone has tips for fresh new faces, I would love to hear them!