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Getting fewer jobs in creative/media these days?

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Bemmygail A Member Since: Mar 23, 2013
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I am having a hard time getting new creative projects in the past few months. I've been on upwork for 5-6 years. 2 years ago, I have multiple projects at a time on upwork, but now I only have 1, and the client is almost not responsive.


My style in applying for jobs is the same as before. I bid only for projects that I like, and specific to what I am good at, my pricing is the same, I check the average bid and bid a bit lower than that, when I feel it. I am only getting 1 response out of 20-30 applications. I even paid $10 per month to at least give me more chance of applying. To be honest, I am getting more projects on fiverr nowadays. 


It wasn't like this 3-6 months ago. After 1 week of applying, I will always win at least 1 good project, and continued accepting good ones, then I will maintain 3-5 projects at a time. 


Is this because there's too many freelancers now on upwork? Should I lower my pricing? Is there anyway to adjust to this change?