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Hi. Please Review my Portfolio.

Hi. I'm Trish. I'm a Graphic Designer and illustrator. Can Anyone review my Odesk profile and tell me what to improve and what job is best for me. Right now I am applying for a Tshirt designer but I design logo and game design as well. its hard for me getting a project. I'm getting some Interviews, most of clients telling me I passed the design test then clients did'nt communicate anymore after giving me a test job. 

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Your profile does not list a "Personal web page", so I'm not sure how we can find your portfolio unless you post a link.


That said, when you say "test job", it actually sounds like you're getting scammed into doing free work.  Unless clients are actually paying you, don't do any "tests" for them.  You should flag those sorts of ads and oDesk should boot them off the system.  Your portfolio and/or cover letter (and possibly a brief discussion) should be good enough for any client to decide whether or not they want to work further with you.


Thanks Darrin, 


I see you can't see my portfolio, maybe client does'nt see it too.

here is my odesk profile. https://www.odesk.com/users/~013075405f7ac6bd01

Just like what I thought. clients don't have intention on hiring me. He just like free work.


No, I just couldn't see it because of how oDesk separates the Community site from the regular site.  A newer account (like mine) apparently links back, but the older ones apparently don't.  Sometimes a search by name will find a freelancer's profile, but your name is too common.  Smiley Wink


Now that I see it, my main suggestion would be: focus.  I'm not sure what you want to do.  Your title, description, and skills are trying to tell to much of a story.  Whatever jobs you're applying for, the client should be able to see what you bring to the table before the "more" that shows them the rest of the details (aka, above the fold).


You portfolio is mostly graphic design, so I'm going to assume that that's what you want to pursue.  In general, the examples you give seem to highlight "marketing" design, with a lot of color, fonts, and styling.  Depending on the types of jobs you're seeking, that may count against you, as a lot of the modern design trends that I see seem to point to more subdued, "flat" styles.  You have work like that (e.g., Hamilo Tigers logo), so my general suggestion is to consider re-arranging the images (and sub-images) in your portfolio so that the first thing clients see is the type of work you think they're looking for.