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Hi fellow creatives! Tell me about how you have successfully won work on Upwork? :-)

Hi everyone! 

Lovely to cyber-meet you all. I am a graphic designer and design researcher based in the UK. I am getting my freelance business off the ground and hoping to attract work through UpWork. So far, I have set up my profile,  and sent out quite a few proposals. Just in the last week, I have started to pay for freelancer plus so that I can boost my profile wherever possible. I have had a couple of clients view proposals which is an improvement for sure but no bites yet. Just wondering if this is normal and if/how matters improved for you?  Also, what are people's take on how it works for clients on Upwork? Are job postings left on in error do you think?  I'd love to hear about your experiences and recommendations as fellow creatives. Wishing you all well! 

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So I am still pretty new relatively to upwork, but I am able to do it somewhat full-time(I am fresh out of highschool).


I personally dont even send in proposals anymore. I wait for people to dm or invite me to there project. Now I get that isnt a great way for most beginners, but I was pretty lucky and only had to submit a proposal to one project, get one good rating, and It snowballed from there. I am in no way an expert freelancer, but I do believe I am pretty qualified in my craft, and that is the most attractive thing to a client. I need to brush up on communication, deadlines, and fair rates(I believe I charge to little currently), but I deliver my best work. I have found that having experience, and being a hobbyist are wayy different than what I thought, making something that someone else wants is tough, it was for me very much in the beginning.


I have found you need to be selfish in a project, by that I mean make the project your own. Take it on with your own passion in the bounds of what the client needs. I have become such a better artist, and overall freelancer using this strategy. You need to somehow twist the style to your own, and make it your own. Nobody will do you better than you. Of course do not mess up the project by giving something completely different than what was asked for, but be creative. You ARE the creative, now you need to balance clients needs and your creativity, you cant row a boat straight with one paddle you know? It would bounce back and forth, too creative, too literal, but you need to keep a balance with creativity, and literal-ness.(is that a word?)


It took me a long time to realize most of the time the client does not know about the ins and outs of 3D animation, or whatever they are paying you to do, thats probably why they are paying you to do it. So you need to think outside of the box and deliver something they never have seen. Again in the bounds of the project.


One more thing I was stuck on is be honest on what you can and cant do, if you only think you can do it, dont take the project, do not let the money hypnotise you, I had that issue for a while and it cost me.


Anyways hope my yap session helps, you cant just read this stuff in a text book and know it most of the time, you need to experience it, hence why its called experience.