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Hire rate for us designers.

 GOOD DAY GUYS! I would just love to ask. How is your hire rate ? Let's just say, out of your 30 proposals, how many of it are accepted and landed you a job ? Kudos to those who replies 🙂

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I am only a couple of months old here so I haven't made as much money as I am hoping to make. However, I have noticed that most of the work I did was from return clients. I think it is harder for beginners to breakthrough but what really helps is if you give your clients exemplary work. If a client is happy, they will most likely come back for more and they might even refer you to some of their friends. 


To answer your question, I get a number of interviews from the requests I send and I have often turned down a couple of offers after it turned out the client was asking for something I could not do. I think it is better to pass on a job than risk accepting something out of your league only to end up with a frustrated client who will in turn leave a scathing review. So Yes, i get a couple of responses but my conversion rate is still wanting. But it is improving with every good review I get so I will just keep putting my best foot foward

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I just joined in October and have changed my rate about 3 or 4 times. Some clients told me I was charging too low, while others were like, You need to raise your prices, we're getting WAY more than what we paid for - and so I did. 

That's the cool thing about UpWork, there's plenty of room to gauge the temperature of the water you're diving in, it's so easy to change your rate based on feedback from the community here and from clients.


I agree with Amaya, most of my work comes from clients I've worked with before that I Enjoy working with haha. There's one client in particular that I love working with so much I'll drop everything just to do her projects. (I mean like... making dinner, or whatever I'm literally doing - not dropping other clients ha). 


When I first started, I went a bit overboard with sending proposals and quickly realized, "Holy crap, if all these people actually hire me for the job, I'm going to be WAY in over my head." So I ended up raising my rate and only bidding on jobs I Really Really wanted, and that's been working out for me. 


To answer the hypothetical question though - Maybe only 2 in 30 proposals would agree to my rate. But, that's mainly because I really don't like working at hourly rate most of the time and talk the client into doing a flat fee instead. I feel a little too micromanaged with the time tracker on and that hampers my ability to think straight. 


What about you? What's your experience with rates like?

 I've been here on upwork since this was still odesk. The thing is I wasn't active back then and when i returned, I got overboard that made me start from scratch and I seem to have a hard time getting on my feet again. Back then, Just like you guys, I only have a few client to focus to. 😄