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How Can I Get Hire


I am new in odesk can anyone help me. how can i get hire . i complete my profile. i pass

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Test-3.60

Windows XP Test-2.90

Knowledge of Windows 7 Skills Test-2.85

English Spelling Test (U.S. Version)-4.10

U.S. English Basic Skills Test-2.90

Office Skills Test-2.60

But i don't get any job.Can anyone give me any advice how can i get job or what i have to  do?

i am good in photo shop work like backgroud change, photo retuching, photo editing, business card design,logo design, t-shirt design.


And Other


Professional image editing and enhancing
Background removal- white/ transparent/ change bg
Advanced portrait/ facial retouching - creating perfect looking skin, removing wrinkles, marks, blemishes, eye bags, improve skin complexion/ makeup, whiten teeth, body slimming.
Fashion correction
Product photo retouching- for Amazon, E bay etc..
Resize/ crop image
Photo merging
Enhance/ adjust color, contrast, lighting
Add colors to B&W photo/ color to B&W
Removing/ adding objects/ swap heads


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I see that you've passed the oDesk readiness test and other tests related to your skills. What I would suggest is to add portfolio pieces and to expand your overview. You can post the skills you mentioned here on your profile.


For more info, here is a link to the freelancer resource centre and here's the downloadable oDesk freelancer manual. 


Please do read this forum post about getting your first job on oDesk. It is full of valuable tips.


All the best!

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Thx for your replay 


I add 7-8 portfolio but no luck. i try my best but 2mnt pass i don't get any job. is there any wrong.

I think you really need to expand your overview so clients can read about the full range of your skills. Make sure that your cover letters are unique and not simply copy-pasted. Small projects (like a one time photo retouching) are more likely to get you hired rather than big hourly jobs. 


Please read the thread about getting your first job (I supplied the link above, just click it). It is really very helpful and full of tips from a lot of people.


All the best!

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Thx for advice 

i will try

I can't see a portfolio on your profile. I don't know if it's just me. (An oDesk bug?) Considering that your skills are in visual arts, you really need one.

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Hey ,
Can you help me out ?. I have the same problem .

Hi Himanshu


Unless I'm seeing a weird version of your profile (which is very possible!) - you have no portfolio. In the visual arts world, that's what you need - a killer portfolio.


Also could be my view - but nothing about job experience.


There are a gazillion people on the internet who do photo retouching so it may be hard to stand out in that field. There are also a gazillion who claim to do graphic design - but many of them are not particulary skilled. If you are actually good - emphasize your design skills.


Dump the low Photoshop score.


Make sure you are doing custom cover letters with each application - referencing the specific project and what you can bring to it.

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Hey Susan , but I have added my past works in Portfolio, here on Odesk.
Now, Recently i also passed the Adobe Photoshop test with good score .
I am new here on Odesk, its been 3 months but I don't have any jobs till now. So please suggest me.
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I have the same problem . I have complete my account 100% and passed test get top scores as well. Add some portfolio as well . Can any expert tell me whats wrong or any suggestion please

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You really needed to ask this? Just looking at your portfolio shows that you copied other well known logos and altered them slightly and in same cases you just lifted logos from other sites. You do know that clients can search on the web and find the same thing I did, right? If I was a client I wouldn't give you a second glance.

Hello! I have exactly the same problem, and as a good portfolio, I specialize in wedding, portrait and studio photography and processing, but can not find a single job. I have a dream, to save money, buy new good  photo equipment and to go to the Urals and the Caucasus, I love the mountains, I want to make a series of atmospheric  portraits , and of course just enjoy nature. I calculated that if I work full-time for a minimum price $4.44, then I will be able to accumulate the required money for 2 months. But even that, I can not do.. =(