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How can Upwork improve for Designers and Creatives?

After reading some threads in this group, there seems to be a growing consensus that Upwork is not as good as it used to be at getting jobs. Now, taking into account that we have a global economic downturn. Is Upwork making it harder for Designers and Creatives to find work?


If you think Upwork is worse, what would you suggest could be improved?


I think that they could do arrest with the bid system for one. A better way
to boost talent is to assign more types of badges that potential clients
could see. I also think there should be more ways to get the top rated plus
badge than just over 5k earned from one client. Some t category of workers
can easily get that but others only do one of style of work. Lastly I think
connects could be given to people that contribute to their community, act
of proposals that get submitted whether they're hired by the client or not
it's still shows that you're spending a lot of time on upwork, and the
length of time that you've been on upwork giving small connect bonuses and
incentives to stay with the platform. If they want to continue to make
money from commissions earned by our commissions of work has to start
giving back. It seems like they've been doing more taking than giving these

I think the boosting system is deeply flawed, but Upwork is benefiting from it so it's not going anywhere.


Thanks for your input Jarrad and Stacy.
Yes, I do agree about the bidding or boosting system. Personally, I don’t find it very useful.
Has anyone found it helpful in getting jobs or winning bids?


I personally have not seen it harder to get jobs - actually the opposite. I think it can be really hard for newer freelancers to get jobs as there are many who already have a lot of feedback and clients invite them directly. I'd Upwork to remove jobs that were already filed as I see that they stay on the platform and people keep bidding on them. Also, it seems like the upgrading connects for jobs is not working well for freelancers, I've seen a lot of complaints about that. I also believe that people should not be allowed to outbid with connects, it seems a bit unfair. 

Michaela Pacesova
eLearning Designer & Developer