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How do you deal with down times as creative artist?

hello guys I have this question to ask everyone how do you usually deal with downtime as a creative artist do you start brainstorming new creative Ideas and designs or do you take it a chance to unplug completely from work ?

cheers :))

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Take a inspiration from nature, travel different place it's fine it is local but visit you will find lots of other doing their works, creating some new, making something different and analyse that how much different possibilities are there...lots of different perspectives as well


You can take a example of one flower every artist draw that flower in their own style, human can create energy and that is within you to get that power you should visit nature that remind us our originality and that gives a new idea..always connected with earth, water, air, solar energy, sky and you will get lots of ideas :light_bulb: 


Sky has not limits..you can take inspiration from fellow designers as well

thank you for sharing your creative process and the way you get your inspirations 

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Daily practice is what keeps the mind sharp! Also experimenting with alternative mediums is always refreshing!

yeah that's absolutely right practice makes perfect thank you for sharing your thoughts 

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Hi Amr! When I get downtime from client work, I like to work on my business. Posting on social media and growing a following and working on passive income strategies. I flip and flop between client work and my passive income goodies that I will then market on soc med so I can keep earning even when I don't have tons of incoming requests.


Hope that helps!


thank you for sharing your thoughts about the downtime your idea is so productive and its a big help

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Down times are a natural part of the creative process.

The answer is always to manage them: As an Interior Architect :

  1. Embrace the Pause: I view down times as opportunities to recharge. Creativity is like a well—it needs time to refill. I use this period to rest, enjoy other forms of art, or simply take a break from work.

  2. Seek Inspiration: I visit art galleries, museums, or even nature spots to find new ideas. I also keep an eye on interior design blogs and magazines to see what other designers are working on. Sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected places.

  3. Learn and Explore: I use this time to learn new skills, whether it's mastering a new design software or exploring different architectural styles. This not only keeps my mind engaged but also adds value to my work.

  4. Connect with Others: I reach out to other designers, architects, and creatives. Sharing experiences and ideas with peers can be incredibly motivating. Collaboration often sparks new ideas and reignites passion.

  5. Work on Personal Projects: If I don't have immediate client projects, I work on personal design projects or volunteer for community design initiatives. It keeps my creativity flowing and builds my portfolio.

  6. Reflect and Revisit: Down times are also great for reflection. I revisit past projects, analyzing what worked well and what could be improved. This helps me refine my approach and prepares me for future work.

Overall, I try to stay positive and remember that creativity, like any process, has its ebbs and flows. Down times are a sign to slow down, explore, and re-energize, which ultimately makes my work more innovative and fulfilling.

thank you for sharing your thoughts about that your ideas are so productive and it's a big help