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Industrial design on Upwork

I use Upwork as an industrial/product designer. This area of design requires a longer work duration, unlike graphical design, for example, as it covers research, concept development, technical development, and sometimes continues further.
It takes longer to find a job in this field. The past year I completed on Upwork two projects that were successful.

However, after one year and two projects, I ask myself realistically if this is what I can achieve with Upwork.

I see two possible reasons for that; I expect too much from Upwork in the area of industrial design, or that my profile is not convincing enough.

I read the guides and forums, made changes to my profile, Ordered a copy for my cover letter (I am willing to share it if needed), but didn't see any difference.

Your insight will be welcome.

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Try pitching with more enthousiasm your services, pump them up a little bit. Do 3D modeling and rendering jobs too. Be the first to respond to a job, by using a RSS feed app.

What do you mean by an RSS Feed App Please

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