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Is there a way check up on the client after you submit a proposal.

I wanted to check if there is a way to follow up with a client you sent a proposal to. 


There are so many clients that I see start a job and there stats show  that they have not checked in on the proposal that they have started, they have not checked it in 10 days, they are not interviewing any one, its just stitting there with 50+ proposals 


I am taking about clients that Upwork shows have a 100% hire rate, 60% hire rate that are posting job & not checking in. 


Is there something I can do based in up work regulations. 


Thank you. 

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Greetings Marcelino,
 you can see in my stats how many proposals you sent in the last 7 days, how many people saw your proposal and after that how many people contacted you and finally how many jobs you got. that way you can see how you function and where you go wrong and how you can correct yourself, you know that best, I get jobs without bidding on ads so he only checks how you type a cover letter.
With respect,

This is just my view of the situation, you don't have to take it seriously or use it, I use it because it's easier for me to know immediately if the client has seen what I wrote to him and I roughly know what the chances are that he will contact me.