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Job Feed Improvements

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Noah B Member Since: Oct 10, 2017
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As a VO artist, there are a >> LOT << of irrelevant hits on my job feed. They usually come in three flavors:


1) Job post is looking for wrong gender

2) Job post is looking for wrong age

3) Job post is looking for wrong language


When posting a new Job for voiceover, there should be a selection for gender (M, F, Either, Both), age range, and language, with options for multiple parts. 


These should then be easy to filter to rid 99% of irrelevant posts. 


Right now, the advanced search isn't particularly helpful, because a lot of ads are looking for multiple parts, so I don't want to filter a gender or word like "child". Similarly, it would force job posters to be specific at the outset, rather than wasting time receiving proposals that they aren't interested in. 



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Hieu T Member Since: Aug 11, 2017
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Voice over is not super big on Upwork. But if the industry grows fast enough, may be they will improve the seach function.


We can only wait (and give suggestions).

Hieu Tran

Vietnamese translator
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Noah B Member Since: Oct 10, 2017
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I disagree with this assessment. Upwork is a substantial freelance VO marketplace- probably in the top 5 on the internet, with hundreds of postings, and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on VO work. Basic filtering would only serve to expand the talentpool, marketplace, and satisfaction among clients and VO artists. Moreover, this sort of filtering could be used for any Upwork category. If a programmer can list the languages they are proficient in, they could easily filter ads that are relevant to them and the client. Granularity is basic functionaily for a marketplace. That's why job sites allow filtering by skillset. Upwork would benefit immensely from this basic functionality.