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Let's Dive into Project Discovery for UX App Design

Hey UX enthusiasts! Today, let's explore the crucial phase of project discovery in UX app design. This initial stage lays the foundation for a successful project by uncovering user needs, defining project goals, and aligning stakeholders. 


Understanding Myopia Project:
Recently, I led a project aimed at designing a mobile app to support individuals with myopia (nearsightedness). The project discovery phase was instrumental in shaping our approach and ensuring the app met the unique needs of our target users.


Identifying User Needs:
During project discovery, we conducted in-depth interviews and surveys with individuals diagnosed with myopia. We sought to understand their daily challenges, frustrations with existing solutions, and aspirations for managing their condition more effectively.


Uncovering Pain Points:
Insights from our research revealed several pain points faced by individuals with myopia. These included difficulties in finding suitable eyewear, tracking vision changes over time, and accessing reliable information about myopia management.


Defining Project Goals:
Armed with these user insights, we collaboratively defined clear project goals. Our primary objective was to design an intuitive mobile app that empowered users to better manage their myopia, providing personalized support and valuable resources at their fingertips.


Stakeholder Alignment:
Project discovery also served as a platform for aligning stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, optometrists, and app developers. By involving them early in the process, we ensured a shared understanding of project objectives and fostered collaboration throughout the design journey.


Moving Forward:
As we transition from project discovery to the design phase, the insights gained will serve as guiding principles, shaping our design decisions and ensuring the app truly addresses the needs of individuals with myopia. Stay tuned for updates as we bring this vision to life! 


Share your thoughts, experiences, or questions about project discovery in UX app design! Let's learn from each other's insights and elevate our design practice together. 


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Nice one Sundas,

Can you share some visuals?

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Great Sundas

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Hey Sundas, nice post!
Just curious, is this project more about exploring and researching, or did you also dive into designing the UI and interactions?