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Links to Individual Portfolio Projects

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Pauline M Member Since: Apr 15, 2015
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I can't tell whether it's a bug on my side (tested in 2 browsers) or it's just a general issue, but

I remember there was a time it was possible to include links to specific Upwork portfolio projects in proposals.


It doesn't work for me now - all I can link to is my general profile, which is very inconvenient, since clients ask to send examples of similar work in pretty much every job post. To get around it now I throw together some relevant works into one file and attach it to the message but it's a real hassle and probaby much less convenient to view for clients.


There's also another workaround to it like posting links to specific images but if I were a client I'd be pretty wary of clicking on a link that looks like Smiley Happy


So question:

Does it work for you? If not, how do you show specific projects to clients if you're an artist/designer? Do you keep your portfolio on external websites like Behance, ArtStation etc. or link to personal website?


Community Guru
Jo-An B Member Since: Aug 2, 2016
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Hi Pauline,

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to provide a link to an individual portfolio item at the moment but we will share your observations and feedback with the team.

~ Jo-An

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Pauline M Member Since: Apr 15, 2015
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Thank you for the reply. It would be great to have a feature like that.Smiley Happy

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Kadir Y Member Since: Mar 5, 2021
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Hi, I noticed this message was from 4 years ago, I just registered to upwork as an artist and I can't find to add my artstation portfolio link to my profile here. I feel like I am missing something basic here, I just want to add my artstation link to my main profile just like my name is there and my work experience Smiley Happy Thank you in advance for your help.

Nikola S Moderator Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi Kadir,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Your portfolio is where you have the opportunity to impress potential clients with real-life examples of your skills and expertise. For freelancers in the Design & Creative category, the first item in your portfolio will appear alongside your profile in search results.

Use your portfolio to show off projects related to any or all of your skills, so long as you personally have worked on every item you add and adhere to all of Upwork’s Terms of Service.


To add a project to your portfolio, you can follow these steps: 

Go to Find Work › Profile
Scroll down to the Portfolio section and click the Add (+) button
Enter the details of the project and select Publish Project


Please know that like the rest of your profile, posting contact info isn’t allowed in your portfolio. That means these files (and linked sites) can’t include your email address, phone number, or chat ID.


You can find more information in this help article


~ Nikola