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Logo designer in distress :)

I am not getting any orders from odesk?

It's been over a year .(lost all hopes)

I am working as a logo designer and create my work in Adobe Illustrator.

Please guide me ...what should I do to improve ...thanks.

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you just learm and learn until you achieve.

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Unfortunately, I can't see your profile/portfolio. But I can guarantee you that for a creative position - it's your portfolio that will get you work. So...


Put in as many pieces as possible...


But make sure they are of high quality.


Note what the logos are from/for - spec work, real projects, logos in actual use, etc. Do not put anything up that is not 100% yours and claim it as yours. For example - if you used clipart/stock imagery as the base of the logo - indicate that. It's easy enough to Google the image and find it on a stock site - so don't try to hide this.


If the logo you created is in use - add a link to where it is used or images of it in use.


Use some of the cool (and often free) Photoshop logo mockups - to show the logos not just as flat art, but also as signage, embossed, as letterhead, etc.


Make sure the images you have selected as the main portfolio image is clear and interesting.


Provide background information about the project - the goals, your thought process, the work process, etc.


Probably more than that - but again - it's about the portfolio!

My portfolio link.



Thanks for the repy ....I totally understand what you meant...

I am attaching my portfolio link ...

Please advice if (my profile ) requiers further changes ....Thanks.


Kind regards,


One big problem with your portfolio is that everything is under one entry, and even then most of them appear to be for your own company.  If you want to attract the eye of a client, you need to break out your portfolio into work for each past client, preferably with links to sites that have your logos in use.  It's also a rookie mistake to show only finished works, since new clients are especially interested in the full process you follow in creating a brand.  Scan in all the sketches and options that were presented so they can be sure they're getting more than stock clip art.


For any job you don't get, you will also probably find it useful to look at the profile of the person who did get the job.  That'll give you a much better idea of where you stand and what you have to do to match the competition.


Thanks for the honest review Darren but the problem most of us (logo)designers have is that we post detail work ...other people copy it and steals them and use them under their own brand ..that is why I have posted under my name...

Second issue is this if i post detail work here ...can you see the supply to demand structure here or how much a average project cost here ... it's soo low ...meaning ; if i do that project independently i would charge above 300$ ...and i will give that kind of detail quality to it also ......but here is 20$ max or something 11$ per hour max ... this is litearlly a slap on the designer face .. 

But i have taken your few points into consideration.


Thanks Darren.

That makes no sense.  If people will "steal" the work you do for another brand, they'll also steal the work you do for your own brand.  It's not like you put a watermark over any of those images.  And part of the reason to link to an external client via your portfolio is so that they can credit you for the design.  You protect your portfolio not by keeping it secret, but by broadcasting it far and wide so that everyone who sees it knows that it was done by you and nobody else.


And as far as cheap clients go: don't take those jobs; don't even apply for them.  Of course, I understand that you're already not getting them, but the point is that maybe there isn't a match here on oDesk for the level of work you're looking to do.  Perhaps you are best served by engaging some other part of the community (e.g., I regularly follow Brand New at underconsideration.com), which highlights and credits the work of the design community.  It may not directly lead you to a job like oDesk does, though.


Anybody posting samples of their "graphic designs" that they do not want plagerized should put a big watermark on it with their logo / name ... such as: "Stolen from xxx" Smiley Wink

You had to refund the last amount you earned, it ruined your profile.  Clients are not hiring people under 4.8 rating now.


I saw your profile . you add only four portfolio item and your overview is too short and your title is not Logo designer.  Make sure what do you do at first then decribe you . good luck !!



Joynul Abedin 




I agree with Joynul Abedin .


Can you please check my profile and tell me your suggestions to improve it??? Smiley Happy







I see that you posted one portfolio item, and it DEFINITELY demonstrates one skill that you have, which would be useful to some clients.


But if you are serious about working on oDesk as an illustrator or graphic artist, then you should really have more portfolio items than that.

I really like the fact that the work you posted in your portfolio seems to be distinctive and demonstrates your own work. I like the fact that you included a caption which explains the work.

Just give us more.


Why are you using dollar signs as bullet points?


Unless you're Richie Rich or Thurston Howell III, you shouldn't be doing that.



Firstly, you have mentioned in your overview that you specialized in logo and illustrator works. I suggest add logos you have done on your portfolio as well as add more illustrator projects.


Secondly, again on your overview, you said you have created a wide range of print designs. Add some projects for print designs too. That way, you have a wider target clients.


Thirdly, since you are still studying or if you haven't been employed, it still is portolio. Let your work speaks for you. If you don't want to put your best portolio online for safety reasons, but your second best. That would be for client invite purposes. When you apply, attach your best or give link where your best projects are so the client can have an idea what you can offer.


For the one you have currently on your portfolio, you can rename your title to "image to vector" or "jpeg to vector". That's usually what client's look for or search for. But that is if the search engine here is effective hehe. Before I end some contracts and asked other client to end our contract so I appear to be available, I'm a top rated with 100% job success, 4.99 stars. I have vector on my title but I don't appear on the search list up to page 30 of the search. Hmm, so what's the use of my suggestion? haha. Well it will also shows client that you know what exactly is the type of project you are doing.


Take test related to designing especially those softwares you mentioned you are using.



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I saw your profile please write a good overview and add some nice porfolio . then apply and apply .



Ramzanul Hasan

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I want to be a job......I am shameem diploma ingraphics design. so what can I do for the job


"so what can I do for the job"


The following would be a good start...


1) Add a headline to your profile

2) Set an hourly rate

3) Add your language fluency details

4) Write yourself an overview so people know who you are and what you can offer

5) Add a selection of portfolio items so people can get a feel for your work

6) Maybe take a test or two

7) Read everything in here... https://support.upwork.com/categories/20090518-Getting-Started-as-a-Freelancer

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