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Looking for portfolio advice from Skill Certified and otherwise experienced Creatives

Hello everybody! I work as a digital illustrator. Recently I got an email with an invitation to apply for a Skill Certification program and so I did. I haven't been using Upwork for quite a while so I definitely didn't expect to receive that. I looked for advice on how to prepare for the evaluation on Upwork's official Youtube channel as well as in separate threads here, but looks like when you work with visuals it is, after all, down to personal perception and just an overall good look of your portfolio, especially when you're an Intermediate with a history of working on personal rather than commercial projects.

Can somebody please give it a glance and tell me if it's something you would classify as visually attractive, professional or properly described? Especially the first 4 items as it says these are the ones that will be checked more thoroughly. Thanks for all and any feedback!

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