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Need help about Groups


Can any body tell me there is any Graphic Designing Groups.I want to help Designers who need help about designing problems.I am a graphic Teacher in ICMD a designing College I want to share my knowledge and 9 years experience with new Designers.Because I beleive "Give knowledge to others and get more success in life"


Regard Fazal Rehman

Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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Hello Fazal I have only joined Upwork in last couple of months but not really used it because I have been to busy with my end of semester assessments at CATC design school here in Australia. I just saw your post and wanted to ask did you mean on the internet at large or just here in Upwork. There are a couple of good groups for professionals at the Linkidin site which often has new or reskilled designers like myself still learning the ropes and needing help I also found **edited for Community Guidelines** which may be of interest to you. Another 'creative bloq', or why not make your own group on Linkidin if you are there with that much experience I know it would be very helpful. I find it difficult because I was self employed for 9 years  in print and design and unemployed now had to get reskilled so I can now find work which is just like starting all over again. It can be very hard to catch up with latest technology and applications so I know from my own experience and I am in the last few months now till I complete this diploma course how important it is to get help at times. If I were you I would make your own site  and publish helpful tips and articles they are always needed.. you can always put a link in to Upwork or other places if you wish and have a forum..hope this helps a little.