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New to the industry, new here, i'm lost. Portfolio review please?

Hi, I am Oana, and I greet your from Italy.


I have been on this site for a couple months, previously I worked a bit with 99designs.

I am a bit confused by the lack of any sort of answers for the jobs I applied to.

I didn't apply a lot, which I understand now from reading around here, but for those I did apply, I never got an answer.


Can anyone please take a look at my profile and give me some feedback?

Any tips on how to increase my chances of being hired? I have applied for entry level positions, but once again, never got a reply.


Thank you for your time.



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Your graphics look nice but perhaps some more information about specific work, how you learned, etc, as passion and being quite new to the industry may not create results for you here. In applications, remember to customize your application to fit the client's needs. and provide relevant experience and qualifications.


You have a fabulous skill ... good luck!!



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Hi Oana,


Your portfolio looks Great! If you can add more, do so. For some portfolio items, try to choose a good representative thumbnail image, something that will grab attention. I customize my thumbnails to fit within a 297 x 190 pixel dimension. For starters, put your best projects on top of your portfolio list - specially on the first 4 thumbnails.


Take more tests relevant to your skills and make it public only if you gained an above average or better score. If you didn't get a good one, make sure to re take the tests. I've patiently done this several times.


You can search this forum on how to create a good application letter. There's lots of tips on that area. Like what Jeri said, customize. Be sensitive on the clients needs and focus on it. Tell them how worthy you are to get the job done.


Try as much to be one of the first 20 applicants. That means you have to be on the look out on your job feed page. You can also create pre-made images of your various projects/skills. I use them for attachments in case a prospective client asks for sample work. This way you get to save time in making an application.


Best of luck to you!


: )



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Greetings from Estonia, Oana!

Aim higher and start applying to the Expert level jobs! Because an entry level position here is different from what you would see in the real world. To put it simply, your work is too good for entry level job, and clients there just can't afford to hire you.

Also clients with unverified payment might not respond to you, because a lot of the time they post their project to multiple freelance websites and are just hoping to receive free samples.


When it comes to actually getting hired, you should really get into your clients head and figure out what problem he/she has, and then respond to it accordingly. Most people use generic copy/paste messages, so learn how to make your client feel more special than that. It also means not using so much "I, me, my" 🙂



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Thank you very much for the responses. I will take all your suggestions into account! I'm now trying to expand my portfolio by creating samples for all kinds of projects. I'll review my profile per your advice and hope for a higher chance to get hired.

Thank you again and good luck!