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No skill for Geometry Dimensioning and Tolerancing GD&T

Any CAD designers notice how there is no skill for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). A lot of employers/contractors want there freelancers to have this skill. I would like to be able to add this to my list of skills. Any advice?
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Welcome to the "freelance world" Derrek! Your post title was truncated as "No skill for Geometry Dimensioning and...," but I knew right away what it was about. Another been there, done that for me....


Back in my day in the "corporate world" "blue collar world" we simply referred to it by the Standard, ANSI Y14.5M (adopted by ASME as ASME Y14.5M). Of course, when I started it was before metric was introduced, ANSI Y14.5 without the letter "M" designator. Actually, if I recall correctly there was a standard we operated to before that for which I forget the designation. Did you know that ANSI Y14.5M's roots can be traced back to a U.S. Postal Service standard?


I have written often about the distinction between a "freelancer" versus an "independent contractor," liking one to the "freelance world" and the other to the "corporate world," respectively. The two terms are rapidly merging into one (similar to what happened with the terms "information technology" and "information systems"), and based on Upwork Global Inc.'s most recent writings, I anticipate "freelancers" becoming referred to as "independent contractors" -- more professional and in-line with real-world industry standard practices and even US tax codes.


Actually, I believe to some extent that the term freelancer gained popularity in the digital world with regard to freelance writers, and that sites like oDesk (now Upwork) were born to fulfil that need. Before that, a lot of freelance writers flocked to "ad revenue sites" (aka "content farms") like eHow and a lot of others.


Now, back to the topic of "standards" and the lack thereof. For the most part, unless they have experience in the "corporate world" or similar work environments, freelance writers seldom discuss writing style guidelines (akin to standards) e.g., Chicago Style, AP, APA. MLA, AMA, and others, which are often required for writers in the "corporate world." Similarly, "freelancers" engaged in your type of work in this "freelance world" of ours are less apt to be knowledgeable about standards for "Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices." In addition, there are several different standards worldwide governing these engineering practices.


Reference just as an example for our fellow members: ASME Y14.5-2009 Dimensioning and Tolerancing -- Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices http://mach.jlu.edu.cn/jxcx/standars/AGMA-ANSI/ASME%20Y14.5M-2009.pdf (Caution: Site in China probably posting copy of standard without permission). Hey, contributors here often post things without permission from the source e.g., images, copies of articles, etc.


With regard to your freelancer profile here on Upwork, in order to adhere to Upwrok policies, I suggest removal of the link to your online portfolio. Or, remove any contact info (esp., phone, email, etc.) at the target location. At present, your profile appears as a "work in progress." It is important to establish and document as many sections of your profile as possible. You can actually copy some of your accomplishments from your on-line portfolio to the one on Upwork.


Curiosity question: Are you a "fugitive" from Elance? I only ask because I venture to guess that freelancers in your field of work were more plentiful on Elance than here on Upwork.


Derrek, feel free to PM me via the Community messaging system. Best of luck, and thanks for the memories!


Oh, one more thing, please no BAs and Kudos for me in the Community. I dread showing up in that silly left-hand sidebar.


Note to Community Mods / Managers: Please work with Derrek in order to ensure this valuable skill is added to the Upwork list of skills available, and to ensure that a test is established on Upwork for this skill (standard tests for reference already exist outside of Upwork).

Ron aka LanWanMan
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Community Manager

Hi Derrek,


Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to the team responsible for adding and updating Upwork skill tests.


We appreciate your input.

~ Valeria