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Not get a client to work for

I have taken some advise yet not working. Please can someone held me by side and tell me exactly what my problems is...


I am having difficulties to get noticed by clients after submitting proposal. I have been buying connects sending over 100+ proposal yet non even recognized me. Sometimes I feel I should give up on upwork. Please can someone come for my emergency rescue. Am at the edge of given up applying for job. But I don't want to see myself do that. Why is client not responding to my proposal not even one person. Not even a low budget work. 


Hi Nnamdi.
I'm by no means an expert, but I looked you up to see what your profile might look like and it doesn't seem your profile is public. Meaning, I can't find you. I don't know why but if that's indeed the case that would certainly explain why you're not getting responses. Make sure you go through your profile settings and check the Visibility settings to ensure that it is set to Public. That should do the trick. Then it's a matter of ensuring your profile looks good, that you have a good portfolio and that you are creating good proposals. Good luck. 

Sorry about that,  I have written to upwork and they have solved it. Please check again please


Hi Nnamdi, 

I tried to view your profile but it isn't public. 

I suggest you get a mentor to review some of your proposals. If you can upload some screenshots here, we might be able to help out.


Best regards,



Mr Samuel am sorry about that,  I have written to upwork and they have solved it. Please check again, I really need help

I've had a look at your profile. Again, I'm no expert, so these are just my opinions, but I do have a number of comments about your profile. 

1. Your portfolio is pretty good, but I would add a few more if you have them. 
2. Create specialized profiles. Maybe one for Graphic design and one for Visual Brand Specialist. This will increase your reach and chances of being foudn organically and it also allows you to speak to more specific services, etc. 
3. Add some reviews/testimonials. If you have a linkedIn account, you can link testimonials from your linkedin contacts into your Upwork profile. If you don't, then you can add testimonials from ongoing/past clients manually into your profile text. 
4. Your profile text is a bit confusing actually.
a. You're asking questions, which isn't the most effective way of communicating what you're offering
b. This "It’s a waste of time if I should be honest with you. You will lack credibility, trust and recognition. Heyyy not to worry I am here for you." Is confusing and almost on the rude side. I don't think it's helping you at all. I think I know what you're going for but it's not having the desired effect. 
c. You're not listing what you can do for them, you're just highlighting the problems they face. That's not what clients are looking for. Better to list out what value you bring, what solutions you offer. 
d. The paragraph where you do state what you do is very generic and general. Better to be specific, or even target a specific niche to start, instead of trying to cast the widest net. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but I think with this profile you will have a hard time being taken seriously, especially without any history on the platform. Your rate is fine to get started but your profile is hurting you. 

Maybe state that you're new to the platform and looking forward to providing top rate services at starter prices to build up your reputation. Put emphasis on the quality of your work, since the portfolio does appear impressive. And focus on the one thing you are absolutely best at and know you can do an amazing job on, and as you get more work you can start to expand and move out of your niche if needed. 

Those are my suggestions. Good luck with it. 

This is awesome. I really appreciate you Sir. I will review my profile as soon as possible


I also have the same problem. But I have Good history of work but not getting responses from long time as I expected. Please suggest If I need any improvemnet to my profile.