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Not getting any work !!

I don't know what I am doing wrong but things on upwork are not working out.


It's been too long and have used every trick in the book to get the work but still zero...

Can some expert on upwork, please tell me ..what the H_ll I am doing wrong here?


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Have you tried sending a quick mock up or similar to the client, one which relates to the job and shows what you can achieve?

I am doing great on other freelance site but here on upwork!! no matter what I do.. 'nothings working out".

And yes!! I have done that too... and the outcome was same ... ended up doing free work for the client ..


It's very difficult to get work for the 2 reasons, I think:
1. Upwork Top Rated which means 90% success rate is the main obstrucle for freelancer to get work.
2. When oDesk and Elance started to make one company upwork, number of freelancer has been increased but jobs are not increased.
Another reason is upwork increase the fee to %20 upto $500 projects and most of the projects are in low cost, so many clients don't want to post job here because of freelancers increases the price.

But most of these freelancers are getting projects here and they all are doing wonders here!!

Why not us?

Hello Aizad,

I would suggest you to change your description. You've just shown your skills. If you mention the skills in an attractive way then it would help you attract the client. You can take help from Upwork guide on how to write the attractive description.

The same is the case with proposal. You need to write a job winning proposal to attract the client and the instructions about proposal are also available on Upwork guide.

As you've mentioned that you've working on other sites too so it appears that you're not giving enough time here. You've done 1 job in 2013 then in 2015 and the last job you did was in Apr 2016. I doesn't work like this you need to remain frequent to build a status. And JSS will also help you if you're able to achieve it. But remain consistent, calm and patient. And keep on the struggle, you will definitely win the jobs.


Attiq A.

Thank you for nice advice.


Thing is, I have been on upwork/odesk for more than four years now and during this time I tried other freelance websites also;  as I got successful on them but here the story remained the same.

So I narrowed down the subject; my target was not to look shiny but to be more productive on upwork, so even a non-techi could read what I can do. (that was a school of thought that I applied here, "keeping things simple".)

But this approach is also not working... Now!! I am thinking the only way left is to "shout out to more expierence individual on upwork for some advise".






That is what portfolios are for. It is againt Upworks TOS to send free samples, "quick" or otherwise.

Very true Carol.

But then again no work ... How can I get successful on this plateform? (Please guide..)


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There are clouds below the sky.
There are mountains below the cloud.
There are hills below mountains.

Start from small project in upwork is a powerful way to build your reputation.
No matter how much complex job you did out of this platform,
no matter how much skill you earned in your past years.
Client will justify you by your upwork reputation.

Portfolio can be fake, 
Portfolio can be stolen from somewhere.
Sometimes clients are simple minded, if they want to know their designer, i doubt they go to this platform.
They probably choose to go to local Graphic Designer office, know his background and finally hire him.

People come and go to this platform, because they want "Instant" answer to their problem.
They sometimes simply look at your work history. 
No matter how good you are, they only care about numbers. 
They don't want to be your "Lab-Rat". 
It's a matter of fact that they think we are newbie if we never been hired by someone in this platform.

Try to bid on small projects first with reasonable price of course. After that, you can implicitly tell the clients that Rembrant is here ! Look at my beautiful gallery ! and my sky is full of five stars !

Just my 2cents.

 Ryo is right! I already landed 3 jobs but they're all small project just to make my profile more trustworthy. You should try too.