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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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Hello everyone,


I'm excited to be a part of this Upwork community group and to connect with all of you. I hope you're all doing well and having a great day so far. I'm new here, so I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Wiclef, and I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences and collaborating with you in the future.


Hey Wiclef, it's great to meet you! What is your line of work?

Hello! Wiclef 

"Hello Everyone;

I'm Gokhan, a 2D/3D Generalist, passionate about learning and exploring. As
an INTP and 5w4, I'm excited to be on Upwork, putting in effort to build my
portfolio. Although I'm new and have lowered my prices, I'm facing
challenges with 40 lost connections and no client responses. But I'm
determined to improve and grow."

Keep trying on ur best one day it will surprise you and you will be  succeed of god wish keep trying 

Hey there, This is Nadeem Ansari, I'm thrilled to share a bit about myself as a Graphic and UI/UX designer. With a passion for creating captivating visual experiences, I strive to bring life to digital interfaces through my design expertise. As a creative professional, I have honed my skills in graphic design and specialize in UI/UX design, making me a versatile and well-rounded designer. Review my Upwork profile by clicking here.

Hello members,

I"m grad to be in this group of Upworkcommunity, and also to be connected with you all members, hope everything is cool they.I"m still new in this group but looking forward to continue with you. my names are Ericson Aime waiting to collaborate with all members in this group so that we can make it strong.Thanks

Change your photo for one of you, nothing else is allowed. And the one you have with those images of weapons and war, also, for me, is in rather bad taste.
Your profile is nothing, just a title that doesn't say anything and a couple of sentences, half of which are your email, which is not allowed.
It seems you have not read the TOS, correct?
Well, I'll leave you a couple of posts so you can learn how this works and what you can or can't do.
Read everything, links included:
- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/To-all-freelancers-looking-for-help/m-p/1230482#M734358

- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b...


Could you please find sometime and share your insights for my Upwork profile!

This will help me to upscale.

Link to my Upwork profile - https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~017ac9535ad22b691e


Thanks in advance!

I think you should redo the presentation:
- I would remove the emojis, or at least some. It's a matter of taste, but they bother me.
- Take advantage of the first two lines to hook the client (it is the only thing they see without opening your profile).
- Tell the client a little about what you can do for them.
- If you have two skills, graphic design and video editing, you should create specialized profiles. The presentation must be specific to each one of them. Do not copy the same one in both.
- You can look at, don't copy, some freelancer profiles to see how they present themselves.

I leave you this post so you can have more help. Read everything, links included:
- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/To-all-freelancers-looking-for-help/m-p/1230482#M734358



I found it helpful to be able to report suspicious or harmful content but do you know, does upwork have a feature like that? I know for instagram they have an option to report which makes it super easy. Good to know fellow community members are looking out for the others.

On Upwork you can flag:
- Jobs. "Flag as inappropriate" is below "Apply Now." A list of reasons appears, plus a box where you can write.
- Profiles. "Flag as inappropriate" appears by clicking on the three dots "..." to the right of the top. The same as before.
- Messages. When you hover over the message, three dots appear to the right. There are several options, including "Report message".
- Forum. On the right, by clicking on the three dots, a list where you choose "Notify Moderator"
I don't know if you mean this.


Regarding your profile:
- I would remove the first paragraph. You talk about yourself, you must talk to the client. I would use the second paragraph as a beginning, focusing on the client. Then I would put the first paragraph, corrected. You don't have to introduce yourself or say what you do. Customers can see it.
- Portfolio. You dont have anything. If you have experience, you should create one so the client can see if you fit what they are looking for. A designer should always have a portfolio.


A link that may come in handy:
- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/To-all-freelancers-looking-for-help/m-p/1230482#M734358

Hey Maria,

Hope you are doing well. I am new to the upwork and selling services of the online store designing and theme customization. Can you help me and please look at my profile is it ok?

I can't tell you much about your profile, I have no idea about that field. In principle the presentation seems good to me.
What I see is that all three jobs are at the same price and this one is low. Were they all similar and only took you an hour of work?
I tell you this because clients will see that, if not all of them involve the same work, your price is low for everything.
Maybe you did it to get good reviews, but very low prices attract customers who pay little and, worse, they usually end up asking for a lot in return.

Yeah, I kept my pricing low at the start because I am new here and my only purpose is to give clients 100% accurate work within less time and less rate. I think it's fine for now as when I grow I will increase my rates and duration for projects as well.

You'll see what's best, but many low-priced jobs will make customers expect that price.
One thing is the price per hour and another is work by milestones.

Thanks, Maria!

I will act upon your advice.
If you know of any Dropshipping store building & product researching and theme customization work let me know.

Good luck.
And I don't think I'll see jobs of that type :), my field of work is different.

I Also New Here!

I am too but don't worry "we shall overcome someday" , I am a Data Entry Operator allso

Welcome Wiclef we looking u forward to be in our community group 

Amina, I'm sorry to tell you that if you don't have a specific skill that is salable on Upwork, you are not going to achieve anything, other than spending money on connects to present proposals.
With the profile you have right now, the easiest thing is for you to fall prey to some scammer "client."
I'm going to leave you a couple of threads that can help you understand how this works and create a profile, if you really have something you can sell. But, I don't want to give you wings when I think you're not going to get much here.
- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/To-all-freelancers-looking-for-help/m-p/1230482#M734358
- https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b...

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I'm new here and glad if someone experienced could lead me.

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I am a professional LOGO DESIGNER with over 3 years of experience. I specialize in creating unique and visually appealing LOGO DESIGN and BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN that perfectly represent your brand and capture the attention of your target audience.

OUR brand? ) What exact? What for? )

Why will you capture the attention of OUR target audience? )  Leave it for us ourself... ))

You missed. Here we are logo designers ourself. Mostly - professional (it can be checked by portfolio without additional emphasis))

You are welcome. 

Assalam o Alaikum! Hope you are fine. As I find you an experienced designer, I request you to guide new ones like me and help us in this feild.  

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Hi! Everyone I'm an expert web & designer, I've recently joined Upwork community can you please review my profile? Cause I'm not getting any jobs or orders on Upwork, I would also like to be guided.


Regards Designer Marry

Designer M wrote:

Hi! Everyone I'm an expert web & designer, I've recently joined Upwork community can you please review my profile? Cause I'm not getting any jobs or orders on Upwork, I would also like to be guided.


Regards Designer Marry

Your profile is set to private, but two things: your photo must be of you and your name must be real.

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Hello, everyone! I am a professional Animator, Character Designer, and Illustrator. I joined to try and get a sense of what other freelance artists and creatives are up to on the site, get help bolstering my presence, and get my name out there. Feel free to refer any clients to me looking for my skill set. I have gotten some jobs, but it has been slow-going since last summer.

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Hello everyone!

I am an architect with more than 10 years of experience and I have experience in architectural and interior design. But most of all what I like to do is 3D modeling and rendering.
Recently I have pursued my career as a freelancer since for almost 8 years I was working only in a small office where I had the opportunity to develop myself in different areas.

During all these years, I have developed skills in different design programs, and I would like to continue learning.

I haven't been on this platform for long, but I haven't got my first job yet, I recently made changes in my profile to make it more attractive to clients. I would appreciate it if you could give me some other tips to keep improving and get new experiences in Upwork.
Thanks in advance

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I am a C# developer, how can I help you?

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Hi everyone,

I'm Gul e Lala, and I'm excited to join this Community! I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow freelancers and learning from their experiences. I'm particularly interested in gaining insights into effective business processes and strategies. I'm eager to contribute to the Community and build valuable connections.

Looking forward to engaging with all of you!

Best, Gul e Lala

Gul e Lala, hope you're doing well, i'm graphic designer with 10 years of experience and I am looking for collaboration 


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Hi Upwork Fam!


My name is Avel and I am a graphic and architectural designer. I am hoping to learn more on this group in both experiences and strategies to network myself more in the freelancing world.


Hoping to meet alot of new people to interact both extrovert and silent readers.


Have a good day!

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Hello everyone , am Wesley, and new to this platform and am delighted to be part of this team. 

Am expecting to learn from experienced freelancers and improve my skills too

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Hello! I'm Mohamed An expert AutoCAD designer and CNC programmer with relevant experience in CNC Laser, Fiber laser, and wooden machines 3 Axis and 4 Axis (Rotary). Knowledge in the fabrication of designer panels from MDF boards for hotels, malls, and individual clients.

Thanks & Best Regards

Mohamed Kharouba

  • My name is Tarekegn from Ethiopia I am 21 yrs old ,male ,single I am going to work with you