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Proposal views and interviews falling below average. Why?

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Matheus S Member Since: Apr 18, 2017
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I'm new here to Upwork although I've been working as an editor for the last 10 years. In my first week I landed two jobs and since then nothing, no interviews and even my proposal views have fallen way bellow average. I've been reading and spending a great time writing personalized proposals to each client and even then nothing... not even a view.


Maybe it's my profile? What do you guys think?

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Virginia F Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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I think the way everything works on this site is a great big mystery and trying to understand the whys is an effort in futility.


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ETA: And actually landing two jobs in your first week should be considered to be very good. Sometimes it can take months. Once you completed them and get some feedback, that will help.

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Matheus S Member Since: Apr 18, 2017
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Thanks for the answer Virginia. I'm figuring out that what you said is true, how things work on this site really is a big mystery!

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Ha V Member Since: Oct 18, 2018
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The main reason is people to stop searching for a job. They all have cash money already. 


Now, they want to sell their big holding company. They tend to wait until stocks' price going up and sell everything at the same time. 


Different points, different life. Now a lot of Canadians did this way.  



Have a nice day !




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Charalampos C Member Since: Oct 14, 2016
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Hello there, i am part of the community for more than 6 months.

And the best i was able to do so far was to land 3 jobs (rated with 5 stars) and a couple of interviews that never led to a job.


I think i have tried everything.

-Update my profile and portfolio

-took some tests

-Changed my hourly rates

-Tried a lot of different proposals, really A LOT.


But still ,, i don;t know why it doesnt work for me, maybe we are too many designers or something ?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Thank you for your time.


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Nick B Member Since: Sep 11, 2015
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Not my field but your profile looks good to me. I've been on here years and done over 50 jobs but still have slack periods and occasions where I can't believe I didn't get interview/job. Don't forget that a lot of jobs are never given to anyone and in general freelancing is just very up and down. Ultimately, it's a numbers game!