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Rate My Proposal Please!

Hey Fellow Upworkers,


I need some critique on my job proposals. I've won one job on Upwork and completed it successfully, but I'm struggling getting another job. Please tell me what you think of this cover letter for this specific job post.



Job Title: 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


My Cover Letter:

Hello, I'm excited at the opportunity to work with you on your book, especially since there are so many interesting extra products you want to incorporate into your book. If accepted for the job, I will begin working on character designs for the different players immediately. Once I am done with the sketches, I'll send all of them to you at once to review and request revisions if necessary. Then once the sketches are approved, I will fully color and illustrate the characters. This process should take about 2-3 weeks.


Once all the characters are complete, I will work on a template for the cards and poster and send them to you for more revisions. Once those templates are complete, I will input the different characters and their information into the template.This should take about 2 weeks so the whole book should take about 4-5 weeks to complete. I can send you a more detailed timeline if accepted for the job.


Please check out my website **Edited for Community Guidelines** or my Upwork profile for examples of my work. Thank you for your time and regardless of whether I get accepted for the job or not, I hope your day goes splendidly!




Intermediate Level

I am looking for a mix of experience and value


I charged $550 on my proposal




Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! And if you want to rate my profile as well, I'd also appreciate that!


Thanks y'all!

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 Visited your profile, I didn't read it all but i guess you're doing good. If you're wondering why you're not being accepted on jobs, it might be the job your applying to has already a lot of proposals. Just keep up, I started like you too, but guess what ? I already landed 3 job yet you have more earnings than me. 🙂