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Starting a freelancer at "Upwork"

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Eugene M Member Since: May 9, 2019
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All the design community hello!
Perhaps someone will make a comment on my post.

I registered for "upwork" about 3 months ago, in category Graphics & Design ("Logo Design & Branding") I filled out my profiles for 100%, received the signs "Rising Talent", "Identity Verified". Subscribed to Current Plan "Freelancer Plus". I study in detail "Proposal details" (Job details), I submit applications and write Cover letter individually for each client. For all this time I received several interviews, I talked with clients in a chat, but after that, everyone disappeared somewhere and did not get in touch. As a result of several months, there is no one order. Colleagues, please give comments.

My profile: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Thanks for the comments, with respect Eugeniy.

Eugeniy Mashtak
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Eugene M Member Since: May 9, 2019
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Hello colleagues!
Please rate my profile. And if possible, correct the profile description in English.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Thanks for the tips and comments.

Eugeniy Mashtak
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Sergio S Member Since: Dec 19, 2017
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I don't see anything wrong with your profile. If you have already been in interviews with prospective clients it means you are doing the right thing and you are a step ahead of many new freelancers that were never interviewed. In fact, many clients disregard completely freelancers who do not have any job done yet. Landing the first job is the hardest part here. So in my opinion you are going ok, however, the category "Logo Design & Branding" is really really really overcrowded, not only here but also in other platforms. You know there are pre-made logo packages for sale and the "designer" only needs to customize a few things. Of course, that is not the way a serious professional works but I assure you that there are tons of freelancers doing that and for peanuts. So I believe clients post jobs in many different places and one of the reasons they disappear may be they find a cheaper freelancer here or somewhere else, maybe someone who makes a logo faster without much talk. Or maybe they find someone who is not cheap but has already many jobs under the belt.


Anyway, I believe your approach is correct and I am not saying you should lower your rate, just look at the big picture. It's not necessarily a problem with your profile, just have in count that many clients want stuff to be made as fast and cheap as possible. Then later they understand there are other important factors involved in logo creation. Maybe you are aiming at the wrong kind of clients, so think about it, and I would also recommend you avoid those job posts where there are already 20 to 50 proposals.

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Eugene M Member Since: May 9, 2019
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Thank you for your detailed comment!
And what is my text (profile description) in English, everything is in order?

Eugeniy Mashtak
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Kelly B Member Since: Jan 1, 2016
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Editorial design is designing for books, newspapers, magazines. Things with a lot of text that people read. I wouldn't consider packaging design to be editorial design. I can't remember if packaging design was a choice for us, but if it is, I would consider changing to that.


One of the ways that you might stand out from other designers is the fact that you're in Ukraine, so you might be able to apply to jobs as soon as they get posted that others of us might miss out on, because we're 7-9 hours behind you. So I would try applying for the most recent jobs listed, and with lower budgets just to try to get some projects under your belt. Also, and I know this might be difficult if your English is slightly shaky, you want to say something in your proposal that will get the client's attention and make them remember you. So not just Hello! I am Eugeniy from Ukraine but something like YOU HIT THE JACKPOT! I am going to design the best logo for you, for the most competitive price. Once you complete a few jobs successfully, getting more jobs becomes much easier.


There always seems to be a lot of t-shirt work available; that's where I started. Good luck!

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Eugene M Member Since: May 9, 2019
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Good afternoon Kelly, thank you for the comments on my profile. For me, this information was very valuable.

Eugeniy Mashtak