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Test image to work with

Hi everyone,


I mostly do photo retouching and I'm currently trying to get a client to hire me. How likely is it that employers would give a “test” image to process to all the candidates and the images would be different for everyone? That way the employer could get the job done without paying anyone. Has anyone ever come across it? How do you know if this is the case and what do you do with it?

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Look at how many freelancers have been interviewed by the client. If it's a high number, like more than half of the applicants, the chances are good that the client is trying to get free work by giving a different image to each applicant.


Another factor to consider is the client's history. If he's posted numerous jobs but hired only a few, it's likely he looks for free work.

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Hi Alexander,


Please forward your concern along with the job details and a screenshot of your communication to Customer Support, and we'll check if the job violates Upwork ToS.

~ Vladimir
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Same here, as i am working as 3d modeler, there are couple of test required by client to check out the desired quality level. I saw and faced that situation too. As far as project goes long i never hired for that project. Here need some favour of upwork platform because most freelancer work hard and economically dependent to upwork, if this will occur often freelancer loose their trust upon upwork. I anticipating that someday it will be solved.

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Hello Alexander..just in case, if in the description of the job they ask for test (free work) in order to be taken into consideration, you have an option to "flag as inappropiate", just clic on it and it will display several  option.

If you have a portfolio and the clients like it and they're interested they shouldn't ask for free work imo.