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Unity3d or Unreal Engine for ArhiViz?

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Uladzislau S Member Since: Jul 29, 2018
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Hello everyone, i want talk with someone who doing 3d rendering/visualisation in 3dmax,corona render etc to get your opinion.


Someone tried to do architectural visualization in game engines(Unity3d, Unreal Engine) for customers?

In the beginning I doing renders with Bledner Cycles, now I started working with Unity3d , cuz you can place furniture,create 3d model of house from blueprints and bake lightmap data one time, then swith to Real-Time GI.You can make changes without needing to render images by spending a lot of time.

Again you can create usable demo for walking or adapt model to Augmented Reality.


In the beginning it was a crazy idea for me, cuz in Unity you cant create realistic reflection but you can simulate good reflections by using Reflections Probes..


Im upload for showcase my first proejcts in Unity3d,yes there i forgot to bake light from Point Light and up shadowmap resolution from 1024 to 4096. what you think about that?.unity_render_test.pngTop Viewunity_render_test2.pngBedroom with reflections in mirrorunity_render_test3.png