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User Experience as a recruitee using UpWork

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Sophie C Member Since: Jul 7, 2019
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Dear UpWork. dear all, 


I posted two messages in your community forums titled 'Low rate of responsiveness from potential clients' and '. I can see one of these messages have had replies from your team and one post taken down. Reference: Support Request #28669775


Thank you for the replies which were in summary that I should make use of the training resources and learning to help me write proposals which are more likely to succeed. And the reply that as we are in a difficult global situation to manage expectations of what can be achieved.


I started to try UpWork as a freelancer in June 2019 and it took a few attempts to get a profile accepted. And to try to add some projects which would indicate my skills.


I tried to chose projects that seemed within my skills such as SEO with WordPress which I know I can do and I pitched at the lower price range for some work.


I used all four of my complimentary connected and heard nothing back from any of the proposals.


I'm a little worried that my journey now as a user of UpWork is heading towards paying a monthly fee to stay in the system as visible. 

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Richard W Member Since: Jun 22, 2017
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Hi Sophie. I see you're in Bristol.  I used to live there. Great place! 


It's difficult getting started on Upwork.  It took me a month and 20 proposals to get my first job here.  It's common to take longer than that,  and many people never succeed. Fortunately for me we didn't have to pay for connects when I was getting started.  But now you should expect to spend money before you start making money.  That's just the way it is now. 


You don't need the Plus membership.  It's cheaper to just buy connects as you need them. If your profile is set to private,  you only have to ask Customer Support to set it back to public. I did that once,  but I don't know how difficult it is to contact CS these days.  In any case,  having a private profile doesn't stop potential clients from seeing you profile when you submit a proposal.  It just means that you won't receive unsolicited invitations.  But as a newcomer to Upwork you're very unlikely to receive useful invitations anyway. 


I hope that helps.  Good luck! 

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Sophie C Member Since: Jul 7, 2019
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Thanks it's nice to hear from someone who has Bristol in common. It's a great place but very expensive. I was hoping to get some momentum as a freelancer and be able to live somewhere less vibrant. It sounds like being in the system for a while before lockdown has its advantages and otherwise good old persistence and numbers of proposals.

I did buy extra connects, and good point to ask a CD to set my profile back to public for me. Thank you Richard!

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Gulrez R Member Since: Nov 14, 2020
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Are members getting Recruitment work over here?